Fireworks in Jita last night

There were fireworks above the 4-4 Caldari Assembly Plant last night that lasted half an hour or so. Is this a regular thing or were people celebrating something? I haven’t found anything on the forums.

I made a video of it:

I’ve been away from EVE for a couple years, I must say the graphics and sound have really gotten awesome

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I’m not sure if any event is going on right now, but sometimes players just strap a fireworks launcher to their ship and let rip. Buy a launcher and some fireworks and give it a try, you can even shoot other players with them (without getting CONCORDed).


What’s really funny is when they think you ARE shooting them, and they aren’t overly familiar with concord, and thus shoot back. Man my time in a newbro corp was hilarious. I never laughed at them (on comms) because honestly Eve’s skill curve is more like a brick wall, but it was funny.

Then the police show up and shoot a really big firework that looks oddly like the unaware player.


But if you shoot other players with them in high sec, about 100% of the time they about have a heart attack. Because they were docking/undocking in high sec, and had their minds on stuff [getting to the mission site as fast as possible/hauling this crap to the destination as fast as possible/doing sell orders and selling this crap as fast as possible/reshipping and getting back into the fleet fight as fast as possible, etc. Well, honestly I can’t think of any other etc.s for high sec.]

You kind of feel like saying sorry to the dude. But he was such a fast jackrabbit leaving system that you didn’t catch the name.

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PARTY TIME! WOOOO! :partying_face: :tongue: :parrot: :stars::snowman_with_snow::boom::fireworks::firecracker::sparkles::notes::smiley_cat::balloon::ferris_wheel::loudspeaker::high_brightness::shufflefurtherparrot::partyparrot::parrotdad::loveparrot::camera_flash::rocket::musical_note:

No reason needed!

ps - I hear the sodium fireworks look most like some kind of weapon explosion…
pps - A cheap destroyer can fit 8 festival launchers…rumour has it…


Not sure about the specific case you are talking about but as one of my alts is a local resident of Jita I can confirm that every now and then people just start shooting fireworks for no particular reason just for the fun of it and others often join as well.

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I couldn’t be arsed searching, but I bet there are some hilarious killmails with fits containing nothing but festival launchers.

People shoot fireworks at trade hubs in attempt to create artificial lags in order to help them gank other players.

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