🎇 Firework types demonstration video series


To all the fireworks enthusiasts: I present you the demonstration series of the fireworks in EVE Online for your viewing (and hearing) pleasure, to serve as easier identification of specific fireworks and as a showcase so you can know which one(s) you’d like to try and if they are worth the price you are about to pay for them.



  • Showcasing fireworks flying the Praxis for additional aesthetics and to serve as a size and scale comparison.
  • Launch modes: single launcher solo, single launcher sustained, seven launchers salvo, seven launchers barrage.
  • The videos have no commentary nor music to provide a full audio and visual experience of the fireworks involved.


:white_check_mark: Published

  • Crimson Scythes Firework
  • Barium Firework
  • Sodium Firework
  • Copper Firework
  • Infinite Celebrations Firework
  • Angels Arisen Firework
  • Blood Dagger Firework
  • Capsule Cascade Firework
  • Capsuleer Starburst Firework
  • Four Freedoms Firework
  • Forever 4-4 Firework
  • Flames of the Rebellion Firework
  • Cherubic Heartburst Firework
  • Wheel of Prosperity Firework
  • Union of Eight Paths Firework
  • Stargazer Lantern Firework
  • Snowstar Crystalburst Firework
  • Scarlet Embrace Firework
  • Naughty People Firework
  • Halloween Horrors Firework
  • Yoiul’s Ascent Firework
  • Yoiul Festival Starburst Firework
  • Yoiul Festival Firework
  • Yoiul Blizzard Firework
  • Wings of Victory Firework
  • Ace of Podhunters Firework
  • Eros Blossom Firework
  • Yoiul Festival Snowball
  • Yoiul Spiral Firework
  • Paradoxical Nebula Firework
  • Pulsar Flare Firework
  • Rimefrost Starburst Firework
  • Spacetime Singularity Firework
  • Zakura Bazei Firework

:no_entry_sign: Issues

  • Crown Imperial Firework (makes no visual effects, will try again later)
  • Fangs of the Serpent Firework (unavailable on Tranquility)
  • Nation Uplifts Firework (unavailable on Tranquility)

Fly safe o/


Looking for the below fireworks

  • Fangs of the Serpent Firework
  • Nation Uplifts Firework

Unfortunately these I have none of and are neither available on the regional nor the contract markets.

If anyone has them for sale or wish to support creating videos of them by donating them let me know here in this thread so I can contact you.

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I’ve been looking for those fireworks for over a year. I don’t think they’re in-game. Kinda like Starcakes or Conditioned House Slaves. I could be wrong and someone has one somewhere, but I’m pretty sure they’re not in-game.

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As far as I know, the Serpi and the Uplift were never released on Tranquility but both are available on Singularity.

It’s a shame because those colours would be a great addition to the current firework colour pallette.


Would be nice if they had ingame 3d previews so that you can see what you get before you buy them or trash them to prevent clutter.


@Quentin_Schaefer Ok, thanks for the info.

@Anataine_Deva thanks for the info and the picture. I’ve never signed into the test server before but once done with the rest will take the time to do some recordings there to complete the series. And agreed the more firework types the better.

@Dyver_Phycad Indeed, kinda obvious thus odd why they haven’t implemented it, not sure if there is a technical difficulty or they just didn’t care to. :thinking: :psyccp:

However I highly advise against trashing them, if anything give them away either through a contract or just jetcan it in front of a trade hub or busy station or structure if you can, someone who might put them in good use could have a chance to grab them. You could also contract them to my corp as well assuming it is located somewhere around hisec and drop me a notice here and I will accept the contract as soon as I can though I usually sign in just once a days these days.


Giving them away is an option, yes. For me personally the problem with giving them away is that not all chars are near tradehubs. The chars that would have gotten most of the fireworks from this year’s capsuleer celebration never get close to a hub, which would complicate this process unduly.

In case you have a contract slot to spare (Alphas only have one slot for example so kind of a problem that case and even as Omega if you are actively trading on the contract market might also be an issue) you could put them up for zero ISK or for some small amount at maximum duration and probably someone will take them sooner or later and do the pick up themselves.

Of course this might just grant it to people who resell them but maybe even then eventually someone will get them who actually uses them in the end so still seems better than just trashing them altogether and in the latter case might still earn some ISK in the process.

Edit: I mention the contract market as that can be seen all over New Eden not just your current region (even if you can only accept contracts from your current region) but if you are in an active region even if not personally close to a trade hub system you might also consider selling them on the regional market if you have a sell order slot to spare (which even Alphas have more of than contract slots, although this also depends on how active you are with trading so only you can know for sure which solution is better for you personally).

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Very nicely done, though it did give me a slight case of vertigo… :wink:

And yes, I think CCP should definitely implement something like that in-game so players can preview the various types of fireworks. Could also include a simple listing in their description for explosion rate such as small, medium or large.

Anyway, thanks for posting these, definitely looking forward to seeing more previews…

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Yes I was thinking about that beforehand and was contemplating whether to just use a static angle but came to the conclusion it would be quite boring and also would not showcase the 3D pattern of the fireworks that much while this way you can clearly see how the firework patterns unfold in 3D space as the camera rotates around the ship.

I’ve used a slow moving drone to achieve camera movement so this is probably the slowest that can be done but definitely wouldn’t make much a difference even if there are a bit slower drones. Hopefully won’t cause much disorientation.

On that note I will make actual fireworks showcase videos later on (as in using various different types of fireworks to create fireworks scenes) which will be separate from this firework types demonstration series (as this is about showing one type of firework at a time) and some of those videos will have static views to provide both types of showcases (so some will have rotating, some static and some even flyby and maybe other types of views as well and maybe some will have a mixture of several or all of them, will see how they look and feel and decide based on that) so people with every kind of preference can find what they’re looking for.

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