Moar fiarworx plz

So I love fireworks and want to see more of them in game. So I had several Ideas for this and more celebratory items in Eve to make it a much more festive experience. Here are some of my ideas:

-Firework BPOs for a basic, or standard firework.
* These could even be built with a resource/s that come from a site or even a special abyssal-like space
-Custom Firework Payloads
* These could work off of a BPC, or similar mechanic that allowed you to mix and match the effects of the
fireworks and maybe their order. So color, effect and duration could be tuned by the player.
* Obviously you still have to make money so maybe the fancier effects could be monetized by having the
fireworks be part of the build and only be available in the store, or you could make the effects/duration
depend on the quality of an item purchased from the store.
-Drone/Fighter Fireworks
*Pretty self explanatory, a party drone or fighter could be pretty neat. Bigger the ship/structure flying them,
the bigger/better the celebration
*I think it would be super cool to have visual modifiers for weapon effects. So think of missiles leaving
big green smoke trails /ape //aysh , or a big, fat, rainbow, strobe laser.
-Fun, Non-combat auras (not the pesky AI)
* Having a sound-wave aura or a light-show going on around you ship would be neat. Maybe a launch-able
effect or it could be started with a booster-like item

Obviously, none of this is at all important or useful, but neither are many of the fun things in life lol.

Fireworks will end up being the EVE equivalent to fishing in other MMOs. Easy to sell as non “gold ammo” micro transactions and fun and popular.

I think we’ll definitely see them expanded on sooner than later.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

All visual affects will be in NES. Be patient.

Color, versus black and white, will soon cost extra :rofl:

Well if they sell fireworks ammo that is letters I have a feeling that will be popular.

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