Humble suggestion regarding fireworks

If would be cool if faction-worthy alliances can by their licenses to design their own fireworks patterns.
It should be limited in a way that it does not contain unnecessary visual hindrances for other players more than currently available patterns of course.
But I am quite excited to see what the corps like goonswarm, imperium and even the code cultists come up with.

Dicks, dicks everywhere


That…can be regulated.

Good luck with that.

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Players will ALWAYS find a way, even if its not a single firework it will be a couple that go together to do something stupid like draw dicks or swastika’s in space :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fireworks are probably some of the hardest visual effects to code you realise…
Just being able to buy the existing ones from LP stores would be good enough.

That might prove itself to be rather … hard.

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