Can I log in after midnight my time to get the last days reward for the event?

Or am I basically ■■■■■■?

No, you missed out on the prize this time. Unlucky bud.

Noooooooooooo :,(

I could cry. I had to work late the other night. I’m only 1 day behind.

As long as you log in before 00:00 eve time, you should be fine.

Unfortunately it resets at down time and not at midnight Eve time. Which leaves no more time.

so on this topic, I am a bit miffed. The timer on top made it appear like we had 1 more day than we really did. The entire time my days remaining was matching with the days I had logged on and it made it appear like I was right on schedule… Today all of the sudden it changed from days left to hours left essentially giving one less day. Cool, there goes 1.1M SP, kind of crappy and misleading the way the timer was setup.

/rant over.


What’s with this?

I mean, what’s with the pathological procrastination that so many people suffer from, combined with the entitlement that they deserve to be compensated for leaving what ever it is to the last possible second?

No matter what CCP has done over the years for these freebies, you see a couple of dozen whiners posting how it’s CCP’s fault that they left it till midnight local time of the last day of the event to try and do whatever it was that was required for them to get their stuff. And oddly enough, the same names keep popping up over and over.

It’s not CCP, people! It’s you. You’re sick and need to seek help.

Same people? Dude I am like 15 days old in eve online. But, sure whatever, this is exactly how you attract new players to an aging old game. You’re right.

Sorry but when an event is advertised as the 20th, that typically doesn’t mean it ends on the 19th. math,just saying.


My email says:


Thank you for participating in EVE’s 16th birthday celebrations! You can still join in and claim free gifts from the daily login event. To maximize your rewards, log in on all the remaining days between now and 20 May."

Doesn’t say 20 May 11:00am UTC, doesn’t say ‘before 20 May’. I don’t care myself, I got my claims in.

Just saying that CCP has had this issue of sending out dates/notices that are incomplete, unclear, or ambiguous many times in the past. When morons make up “oh the same people do this every time”, they are actually correct, just not in the way they think.

CCP does this (almost) every time. “Between now and May 20” is ambiguous and changes for every time zone. “Ends at 11:00 UTC May 19” is not ambiguous.

But then, we already know that clear communication with the player base isn’t really a priority here… in either direction.


Little extreme don’t you think bub?

I got busy at work a couple days and wasn’t able to log onto eve and now I don’t get those skillpoints on either of my accounts in spite of how much I’ve been looking forward to it. And it stings extra because I thought I had one more day.

I’ve been playing for like ten years and I’ve poured a lot of money into this game. I deserve those skillpoints. I’m not saying it’s CCP’s fault I don’t get them but don’t expected me or anyone else who got ■■■■■■ out of their skillpoints to be ecstatic about it. In fact it makes me like… not want to play. It’s kind of like ■■■■ this game you know? I need to cool my head.

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LOL! I rest my case.

You’d understand if you had a demanding job like mine.

Just petition and ask nicely the staff are very nice and usually will help you out, unlike most games.

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I’m gonna give it a shot. It can’t hurt.

You should have until downtime today,
Monday, 20th of May, 11 am eve-time, to get your last login reward


it’s the 20th of may 10:30am eve time but I’m unable to claim the last day’s prize, so it actually ended on the 19th? or is it just wonky time zone stuff and I messed up?

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I mentioned ISD Sakimura’s post to a fellow who thought he had missed the last day. He logged in 15 minutes ago and claimed his last day. So it was working up to that point. Screen shot your login screen, make sure you haven’t already gotten the last day, check your redeem claims. If needed, send screenshot etc. to support.


As far as I’m concerned, it’s STILL the 20th in Iceland (CCP time) for at least another 12 hours, thus giving me, and others, MORE than enough time to claim the 16th day.

But since they only ever listed a date (the 20th of May), and we’re still writing the 20th, I’d claim that I have until midnight “CCP time” to claim my gift.

Before d/t on the 19th it stated 2 days to go, after d/t on the 19th it stated less than 1 day - where did the other day go?

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It joined the AT in the system of “we dgaf, regards ccp”