CCP sent email on Saturday announcing "3-day" skillpoint bonuses GUARANTEEING that you won't get the largest bonus!

Any chance CCP can send the email on Thursday or Friday??? Because they have an internal 24-hour countdown, there was no way to log in for the third time during the 3-day event. Not cool; of course the biggest giveaway is Day Three.

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CCP has done this several times. It appears to be a deliberate part of their marketing strategy. I am not even joking.

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Yup, boned me out of 57m sp last year.

CCP also learned fom mistakes in the past with some log in events like first Yule Lads and started to give us 2 days more as a event was running to collect it…

the point is to bring player to eve and log in and not anoye players who was 1d or 1d and 1h to late to the game and lost 2d… its not realy about how many stuff or SP you get or loose its about the feeling beeing punished for not check your mail every day for not logging in every day and got mot reading the news every day who are in the launcher often also delayed… its a bad game CCP plays and it hurts old players more in the feeling about the game and how CCP handles the Customers as about the value the stuff have

i would realy like to see ccp would at least give the news IN FRONT of events and give 2 more days… and stopping telling it runs till day x you have 2d if its in reality till DT day 2 and sometimes only 25h left^^

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Perhaps for them it’s not. As a player this is exactly what it is about. :smiley:

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