Request to CCP to increase the event a few days

I know a few people who have not been able to log into eve for personal RL reasons and will miss the 1mil sp at the end by a few days T_T its kinda sad.


rip 1m sp then , Fair is fair.


No commitment, no skill points.


they claimed it wasn’t necessary to log in every day… turns out, they LIED.

Boo hoo? :sob:

While that is unfortunate, why would there be an extension? They already gave a few days extra for people to get every gift?

Real life gets in the way for a lot of things EVE related, for a lot of people. That’s the nature of what it is.

RL>EVE for most, people.

Life in general gets in the way of plenty of things for people, you can’t go around asking everyone for an extension because you had something to do.


I also know someone with multiple accounts who missed some days and won’t get the 1m SP. It would be a little more effective to blame CCP for the few hours of downtime EVE suffered during the event time, than various personal difficulties. But because the DT was only a few hours, I don’t expect any extension.

Truth be told I’ll collect my 1 mil sp tomorrow with days left to spare :smile:

You can miss three days and still get all rewards i think.


The purpose of the event is not to give freebies to the players, its to push up log in numbers.

If you aren’t supporting the log in numbers, don’t expect to get the reward.



Ya dont. Event went on for around 20 days. Only 16 days worth of rewards.

The event went 3 or 4 days longer than the actual number of days you need to log in to get the rewards. Thats days, not hours. So even if you did blame this, it still doesnt change the fact that you had more than enough time.


That is because you, sir, are a nerd.

…like me…


Eve Online Birthday event consists of 16 presents distributed within an 18 day time span from May 2nd to May 20th, allowing only 1 gift to be claimed each day of the event.

CCP could have easily made the event last longer, at least run for 21 days. That would have gave players a little bit of extra time to collect all the gifts, especially since the actual expansion won’t be implemented until May 28th.

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This gift is for players who log in a lot helping CCP to keep their numbers up, it’s not some sort of right bestowed upon you even though you didn’t keep your end of the bargain. They gave us some extra days so it can also be completed by people who aren’t complete neckbeards but if you didn’t log in enough you don’t get the gift.

I don’t see how this is open for discussion, a different interpretation or some nonsense excuses about not being able to log in for a few hours.

Last time recently they had a SP giveaway, I lost out on the chance of the final larger last day payout cause I had to be admitted to a hospital on an emergency basis.
Bad news: I lost out on the chance to get those SP.
Good news: They saved my leg; perhaps my life.

I never thought to ask CCP for break, considering I actually “won” the more important prize.
Sorry for those who lost the chance, but, as I found out, life happens.


You can give someone a month, there will always be someone who says “Wish the event lasted for 32 days.”


Sure but I mean 1 friend was hospitalized for a week, so he is by far going to miss it, you can boo hoo all you want but when your the one in that situation I’d like to see your smug face.

I’m not posting for my self, just claimed my 1mil sp.

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The last thing your “friend” should be thinking about is a video game while laying in a hospital bed.


Entitlement is a bitch and you can miss that bus!

You ain’t no baby, ccp shouldn’t need to wipe their players dirty bums and give them a bottle. The event has been on the launcher for a month. It only takes 1 min to login and collect the reward. If you are too busy irl to log in for one minute then maybe you shouldn’t be playing video games.

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If that where true then why do citadels exist, why is VNI ratting still a thing.