Another Fail Event

Having a login event that has 3 days rewards and is only 3 days long is just dumb. By the time your players all hear about it, most have missed the big end reward.

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What event is only 3 days long?

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The one going on right now, free SP for logging in, ends…

18 hours…

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It is incentive to log in during the weekend. It appears to work well for most players due to a pandemic going on…

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the event was from 3th to 16th … thats 4 days


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Yeah, normally they give more of a heads up, and give at least a day’s worth of wiggle room (i.e. 3 days worth of rewards that can be claimed over 4 days. Anyway, you might consider following the official eve online twitter account to help you stay abreast of new events.

@JuuR_Zibaoo Yeah, technically it does end on the 16th, but it will be at downtime. So, he won’t be able to claim another day’s rewards.

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usually you get a info via mail … but this time it was a day late … twitter is the way to go … and the launcher …


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Log in every day and you’ll never miss it.


That’s what ccp are thinking…


That’s one of the main problems with CCP, not posting the info on their own Official Forums. Players shouldn’t have to go to 3rd party sites just to be informed of events and other info pertaining to the game.


Also what’s with the progressive increase in SP’s for logging onto the site? It’s not like you actually have to enter the game.

Alpha accounts get:
Day 1 = 10k
Day 2 = 10k
Day 3 = 25k

Omega accounts get:
Day 1 = 10k
Day 2 = 25k
Day 3 = 50k

Maybe that was the wish, but in the launcher it says it is over today, the 15th. The 16th not included.

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I knew about it and couldn’t be bothered to log in for a few hours worth of SP. You must be bored AF to feel the need to start a thread over it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.


rabble . . . rabble?

Free SP just for logging in.
That explains the emails I was ignoring.


They did post of their site, in the News as always:

They also posted it to EVE Updates:

Given that they did post to their relevant pages and there’s still a complaint that they didn’t makes it a good thing they posted to their socials. At least people pay attention there.


You mean, unlike all the other 3 day weekend bonus skill events that kept happening throughout the year?

Of course, it’s the guy who misses it that complains. No complaint for all the ones you made, huh.

Pandemic what pandemic

Here is the information…

Personally don’t care. I have so many free SP from the past year that 25k or so more isn’t an issue.

That said, in general, “bonus free giveaway events” are something a company does to make their players feel like they’ve received a special benefit for being active in the game, or to increase their satisfaction, or some other positive ‘public relations’ benefit.

Only CCP could post a last-minute “free bonus giveaway”, notify players of it after it starts, send emails about it a day late when it is impossible to get the full rewards, give exactly 3 days to get 3 login rewards, and leave players with an impression that CCP either just doesn’t give AF about them, or is so incompetent that they can’t even manage to get a “player appreciation event” right.

I mean, it’s not like people have other issues on their mind right now and aren’t checking EVE announcements 24/7, right? Is it really that hard to give 4 days to claim 3 rewards? It’s hard to turn a free giveaway into a public relations negative, but CCP apparently has people who are experts at it.

On the other hand, if CCP needed a quick extra 20,000 logins to make this months incentive bonus from PA, then sure. The event probably worked fine.

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Actually it is the 4 day event that was coded as 3, you know, they call it a bug?

Maybe read before you post.

Today was supposed to be the last day, but yesterday was.