Unable collection rewards from the third day of the current campaign

I think they should allow us to claim the last reward also today, as the campaign is still running. I admit that I was not home on Friday and only heard about the whole thing the next day, but when you run an event that is supposed to last for four days, it should last that long. The fact that you only allowed rewards on specific days was unclear.

I have also missed rewards on other campaigns because they are so restrictive. Also, the last reward is often insanely good, but I can’t log on every day for many weeks to get them. Not now, not ever. If you run an event, especially a long event with a majestic reward at the end, you really should allow a little bit of flexibility (other games do). However, in this instance, I have to say that it was not restrictive, but poorly designed, as glancing through the news implicated that I still have time to claim all rewards.

My interpretation was this event would run from downtime on the 23rd to downtime on the 26th - 3 days and the instructions are specific “so log in every day”. I don’t think CCP should adjust the event to meet our schedules. If we want the points we need to adjust our schedule to participate.

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