Math question on days remaining for Event daily gifts?

I need some counting / math help to determine if I’m going to make it to be able to claim the 16th and final reward of the current event.

I’m not sure the precise rules governing logins over a 24-hour period and when one gets the next opportunity to claim the next gift - what’s the daily boundary - your last login? Daily DT? 24:00 UTC?)

Here’s the current situation. It’s 18:40 UTC Friday night, and my login screen says “12/16 Days Claimed” and “3 days left of campaign”

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Now it says 13/16.

I’m struggling to determine if I’m in an off-by-one unfortunate situation, or if there is going to be enough “0 days left” room to get the 4th login?

No complaints either way - loving the free stuff.

I am not entirely certain, but the behavior I observe is consistent with it resetting every downtime rather than requiring you to log in again 24 hours after you last claimed a reward. If I am right, you will be able to claim 2 more rewards by logging in on the next two days before the campaign ends.

There are 3 days remaining, you have 12/16. You claim your prize.

There are still 3 days remaining and you have 13/16, but you are unable to claim an additional prize until the next day.

2 more days are left to claim prizes and you will reach 15/16 prizes on the last day of the campaign.

…at least if it works the way I think it does.

3 days left of campaign. I’m at 14/16. I believe it’s DT starts a new day. So It would seem that this event will actually go all the way up to DT on the 21st.


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