Missing out on Anniversary Daily Login Days 14-16

I have struggled with wanting and not wanting to write this post since I know it’s likely going to fall on deaf ears, but as we are nearing the end of the anniversary celebration this issue has been frustrating me more and more.

Every day when I log in I see the anniversary campaign rewards. Due to being unable to log in at the beginning of the campaign, every day I am reminded of the fact that I will be missing the rewards for days 14-16 - arguably the most desired reward days. Instead of being excited about some of the rewards and looking forward to playing the game, I am instead filled with frustration and feel like just turning the game off. I imagine there are plenty of others that feel the same way.

I know the argument is there that I only have myself to blame for not being able to log in right away at the beginning of the celebration, but even still, the way the daily campaign is designed just sets people up for frustration and failure. Completely the opposite of what a celebration should be. Maybe if the total days that the campaign ran for was longer, or if the rewards were normalized across all of the days so that missing the last few wasn’t such a painful situation. Something to give those of us that don’t have the ability to log in every single day, but yet are still paying customers like everyone else, the feeling that we are appreciated just as much. That isn’t how I feel today.

I welcome other people’s opinions on the topic, even if I am flamed for posting this. Maybe something can actually be done and some good with come out of it, who knows.


I had been on quite a break. An old Corp mate mentioned the 16th B-day in an off handed facebook post and that got me thinking about eve for the first time in months.
I updated the client and popped in (alpha state) and spent the next couple days seeing what has changed and started getting the bug.
That they made the Omega rewards available retroactively is what cemented my decision to resub. That and the fact I had logged in to check things out “just in time” to get all 16 days rewards.
Had I been a day later, and thus in your situation I don’t know if I would have done anything differently, but I know it would leave a sour taste in my mouth.
I think it should have worked on a point system.
Each day you log in you get X points that can be redeemed for the rewards you want.
This way if you miss a day you can still get the million SP, but can choose the several smaller rewards you miss out on.

While I think free stuff is free stuff and hard to complain about, I would prefer the campaign was more permissive of missed days or that rewards were more evenly spread.

Folks I know with a lot of adulting to do will miss out on rewards. They are mature about it and do not complain to me of missed opportunity, but I do feel bad for them for having to choose between being responsible and feeling appreciated.

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i don’t see how people really miss this… you don’t have to log in fully to the game… open up the client, click redeem, then go about your day, choose later who to put the rewards on and such… i get up a few minutes early every day to at least claim the rewards on my 2 accts. then i go about my day… for the people with 50 accounts, sorry not sorry

Right, redeeming the days is a piece of cake, that isn’t really the issue for me at least. It’s not getting the notification that the event was happening and then not finding out until the campaign was already 5 days in. At that point it’s too late no matter how easy it is to redeem the days.

I see no problem. Active players deserve to have the rewards while nonactive players miss out. Why should someone who has put effort into getting the event rewards get the same rewards as someone who does not pay attention to the game news or is too lazy to log in to collect the rewards? It just seems like entitled thinking. I mean dude, it takes 5 min to check on eve website for upcoming events every now and then. If you missed it, you missed it. On a more extreme side, someone who missed a event shouldn’t be entitled to every event he has ever missed. If ccp allows people to collect rewards from this missed event, what’s to stop people fr complaining even further to try redeem events from past years.


You need to login 16 out of 20 days to get the full reward - that’s a reasonable buffer. I received an email announcing the event and another “there’s still time to get all the rewards” email a few days later. The event was also advertised in the launcher - I don’t see how an active player could miss it.

Basically CCP is rewarding Omega players for logging in 16 days of the 20 day event. Awarding the grand prize for partial attendance would be like giving someone a full weeks pay even if they only show up for work one or two days.



If this causes you emotional issues then you should seek professional help.


/flameon :laughing:

Easy - I was away from home for five days in the middle of this - no PC, no laptop. Every day that I have been at home in the last year I have logged-in and PLAYED Eve on my two paid accounts.

That’s how I missed out, …so sorry you had to get up a few minutes earlier.

You are wrong it is 16/18 days. If it were 16/20 I would be able to get the 1mill SP.

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Obviously doesn’t help you this time around, but easy free way to remote to your PC from your smartphone.

Thanks for this but it looks like I would need to leave my PC on for the week…no thanks

Then it seems like you are not dedicated enough to earn a reward.

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Enough with the list of excuses. If you really wanted the rewards you could have brought a laptop and found a place with internet. Changing the event system to your needs is ridiculous. It is a limited event!!? So it is limited time!!!

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I log in everyday and somehow i missed out too

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Yeah when i read the email that ccp gave it said in between the 2nd and 20th of May, so i tough i was just in time to get my 16days, and now i figure out that the 20th doesn’t count… like wtf

I logged in for 17 days and there was 2 day or I was unable to validate the gifts, and I am not alone in this case.
These are not correct to languish players with beautiful present and have such a bug in the recovery system of the gift

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iam totaly dissapointet, i live in annother Nation whats for me is in the moringn and in the evening ist one day or another in the game i logged into the game Every day but i only got 13 Days, because some times i logged in the moring some times in the evening… totaly dissapointet that no were was mentioned how the logintimer resets, and when, on the last day i logged in the same time as all the days bevore i claimed the Price… and… Nothing it stood Grey and 23 Hours to go… 23 Hours later it was over… and no reclaim was possible… was so hyped invested Money for that Event, only get faceslapped in the end… it was not a happy Party, it was a smag into the face… dissapointed … iam filled now with so much negativ Energy that i rethink put any more Money in the games future… sorry but not fair how that works…

Hello CSM. Please suggest to CCP:
– the use of more careful wording to describe time-based mechanics of events such as the recent anniversary event.
– the inclusion of the end date/time with any event related countdown clock.
Thank you.