MIssed XVI Anniversary - GM Message

It is sad eve replied to all of us in a mass response. In this response they did not take any unique circumstances of real life events which prevented some of us from playing during their designated timeframe. That is Real life events that are not excuses. I think, deaths, family emergencies, car wrecks or hospitalization etc. should be considered. I have no pity for those players who did not log in, were on a break, playing other games, or were inactive, etc. eve has been an active almost daily part of my life for over six years. I thought that the game I loved, played and paid real money for would be more caring for the individual player under unique circumstances. I find the mass email and their inability to consider real life events to be in extreme poor taste. I have really never asked for anything from eve before and this impersonal response to my unique situation from an active player has rubbed me wrong.

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So when you go to funerals, family “emergencies” or hospitalized you promptly call your various service providers that you require compensation as you, for a day or two, are unable to use those services, be it Cable/TV, Streaming, internet or whatever? and what about when you’re at work, it’s not possible for you to use the services at those times either. I would bet you that you’d get the exact same reply.


While I don’t disagree with you, you …

  1. need to learn to use paragraphs when you’re emotional
  2. learn to control your emotions.
  3. need to learn to use paragraphs while being so emotional.
  4. stop letting emotions control you so much.

You should get some distance.

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I’m just applying OP’s “logic” on other Service Providers’ products…


I missed the event at Christmas time because I chose to spend time wi th my family out of state. Was well worth it and would do it again. Yes you missed out of some of the stuff. You can buy a lot of it if you really want.
I’m getting tired of seeing all of you who feel you are entitled to something without doing the required things for it. The contract so to speak was clear, log in and get rewards, don’t log in you don’t get them. CCP is not responsible for your inability to log on. If something happens like a death in the family why the hell are you worried about in game prizes.

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We are talking eve players, if CCP allowed for ‘extenuating circumstances’ the death toll of player families would be staggering.



I assume that almost everyone who wrote something got your rewards for signing in each day?, did any of you truly have a heart stopping real world event?, do you really get the issue with what happen to thousands of players based on the parameters CCP established for the event? Otherwise you cannot really understand the situation. Yes, I did have one and yes I am unhappy with CCP. I had no choice in the matter. So your comments are noted.

You fail to realize that CCP established criteria for a game without considering the impact of real world events. You also directly go to the end state that people are dishonest and would look for loopholes by using a real world event to gain something they don’t deserve because they did not log in.

You fail to grasp that CCP could have looked at them case by case and made a determination. They chose not to. It was easier not to make the hard call by a case by case determination and just say no to everyone at the same time. They take no responsibility in their poor criteria for a massive and awesome event. Based on poor criteria they effectively shut out and angered thousands and thousands of players from getting any or some of the rewards.

CCP manages an on line community with thousands and thousands of players. They should have a support desk to be able to reply to individual inquires, which they do daily for in game activity. Their poor execution of the event caused an influx of support tickets. They lowered their standards which I have come to expect from them. I will not freely give them an out like others are doing. You don’t know how many people it effected and you don’t know what CCPs capacity is. You missed the point entirely.

Overarching comments:

Basically its a game, CCP established bad criteria and penalized players who did not log in during their specified timeframe. This event should have been at least double the days it ran. If there were 16 days, there should have been 24 or 32 days for players to take advantage of it. That would be reasonable, not 18.

It’s just a video game. If you truly had some horrible life event I really doubt you’d be this upset with missing something as meaningless as rewards in a video game.



I did have an event. It is in very poor taste to accuse someone to throw doubt on the issues being presented. This is not about getting something but about the way the event was designed and the how CCP responded. This game is part of my life, like so many other players in eve, and I do care about it. I am unhappy by the poor standards and execution of the event and the fact that the way CCP responded in mass to the support tickets.

Was CCP unclear about how you log into the game?
Did they not have posted the days remaining for the event?
Did you not have proper access to your account?
Was there anything CCP did that did not allow you to log in?

If the answer to these is no then I’m sorry you have no argument.


Sorry but I have to Disagree with you, you fail to grasp the root cause of the issue. CCP established bad criteria and penalized players who did not log in during their specified timeframe. This event should have been at least double the days it ran. If there were 16 days, there should have been 24 or 32 days for players to take advantage of it. That would be reasonable, not 18.

Sorry, It has nothing to do with what you wrote, which are specific to how it was conducted.

So what was the problem why, in a 24 hr period you couldn’t boot up hit redeem and go about your day?

I am writing about two things, their response to the support ticket and the poor timeframe involved in a major event to allow players to take advantage of it.

It is not an issue of logging in but an issue of priorities. Eve was not a priority due to the circumstances of my unique situation. When a serious real world event occurs. Eve is the last thing on my mind. My corps knew I would be gone. I told them. When I finally was able to log in I realized I missed all but fours days.

Cest la vie on recouping, but the fact they would not consider the facts and massed emailed a response bothered me. I feel we should be treated better than that.

In addition I looked at the structure of the event and found it to be lacking and not player friendly. I pay for this game. As a long time customer I feel I was not treated correctly.

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Part of the reason for the mass email was prolly because of how many people submitted tickets and it was overwhelming on top of the regular day to day tickets they get.

You don’t pay for the game, you pay for the chance to play it. If you just resigned another month, then 2 days later they shut down, you are not offered a refund in return.

Just like college parking. You are not guaranteed a parking spot, just a chance to park.

A daily logon event has a very simple objective - encourage people to logon daily. CCP also dangled the carrot of a million SP to encourage Alpha accounts to upgrade. The event required 16 logins in 19 days so there was a 3 day buffer.

For a long term Omega player, you earn a million SP every 3 weeks +/- depending on implants and attribute map. It’s really no big deal. The other stuff they were giving away has little value and will be easy to find on the market if you really want it.

You set your priorities and chose not to login to the game - even for the minute or two required to redeem the daily reward. That isn’t CCP’s fault - they have no obligation to compensate you for that choice, any more than if your skill queue had emptied while your focus was elsewhere.

If CCP needs to say the same thing to a lot of players a mass mail using a PowerShell script is an efficient way to do it. I want the GM’s solving technical problems, not telling people individually that they won’t be compensated for missing the event!

There are several ‘wisdoms’ that do apply here.

First off: “life sucks and then you die”. Given the “unique circumstances of real life events” you advocate here, you are probably all to aware of that simple truth.

Last but not least: “You miss out on more than you’ll be part of. Don’t fret on it.”

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