Event Feedback - XVI Anniversary Celebrations!

It’s that time of the year again, when we celebrate the birthday of EVE Online and the ever forward marching player narrative that our amazing community continues to craft in New Eden.

We’re delighted to announce that the celebration around EVE’s sixteenth anniversary has kicked off with daily downtime today and will run through until May 20th!

This thread is for discussion and feedback on the event and its rewards.

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1.250.000 SP?


Happy Birthday celebration EVE.


Free Silver Monocle… in before the rage starts…


Just logged in and wahh, thats lots of loot for 16 days. Well Done!

Two minor complain though:

  1. 105w out of 125w skill points on the last day (16th day logging in). It would be better if it is more evenly spread.

  2. on the April 29th post, it mentions giveaway for “sister of EVE hull”. I was really excited and wondering if there are new Sister of EVE ships, then in the end we still get SoCT hulls :frowning:


So is there actually anything worth having as someone who already has more SP than they need?

Gnosis prices 500k ISK after the event.

And why all the useless clicking to open the containers if they only contain the same stuff anyway? Why do I have to click to redeem the container, to open the container and to finish the window?

And CCP still has not learned not to cover all the character slots with the event window so that you cannot log in a char until you remove the window.

But yay: More free SP. :partying_face:


Simple question :

If I’m interested only by the final 1 000 000 SP reward the 16th day, do I need to connect only that day, or all previous days are a requierement ?

I read this but it’s not clear in my mind :

You can claim all rewards offered as long as you log in at least 16 times across the event, and they don’t need to be consecutive logins

Thanks to explain,

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per character or per account?

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Every day you log in gets you the next items in the list, so you need to log in 16 times to get the last one, if you only log in on Day 16, you only get item #1


Yeah, that was a bait and switch on the SoE to SoCT ships, the references to those are missing in the May 2nd post, since at that point CCP knew they weren’t giving SoE ships?


I assume your SP doesn’t come with free ships, skins, clothing or facial augs. Unless you also don’t like any of those things either.

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Thanks CCP, slight pity that I am on hols next week so will miss out on the major SP crate :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:


Unless its a free ship i can’t get anywhere else then no, my avatar has never bothered with clothing options outside of the default ones, hell, my avatar hasn’t changed since 2004, so no i don’t rreally care for clothing or character augments because i’m playing a spaceship game not a dress-up simulator

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Those events are generally per accounts.

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This is not an event, this is a daily login reward scheme.


Thanks ! That means I can only skip 2 days if I want the last reward.


Well done on the standings boosters and SP

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Thanks for the free stuff. I personally like free unallocated SP.

Oh wait, I forgot where I was.

Damn it CCP. I don’t care about cosmetics or free unallocated SP (or faction ammo, glamorex boosters, or any other crap), so this free stuff is disappointing to me. How dare you design gifts to encourage logons and play sessions from those who might not be as engaged as me. How dare you make varied rewards that don’t please the hard to please.

When will there be company wide ramifications for this?

P.S. Fire Falcon


It’s CCP’s way of saying that they’ve won the war of boiling frogs

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