Is “forcing” players to login during holiday season a good thing?

I would assume many players anyway play more during Christmas holiday season, but also many go on vacation, and are with their families and friends and not playing video games.

This year, a bunch of quite valuable gifts are proposed (instead of mostly cosmetics or small stuff) … but only for those who login at 13 days during the holiday season. The deadline is Dec 28th.

@CCP Why being this overly restrictive, and customer unfriendly? Shouldn’t the Permafrost event be sufficient to boost login numbers?

@all What do you think?

Meh, you are not going to miss out. Eventually, CCP will just reuse these things in other events like they always do.
Look at the clothing in that picture. It’s the same stuff that is already available in other colors. If someone is really that much into collecting and supporting lame development, they deserve to be forced to log in during Christmas.
I also wonder if the ship selection in the background is an indication on the limited scope of the ship skins. That’s going to be interesting to find out.

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Did you actually read the text? You get plain 150k skillpoints, special social boosters for standing and a booster which lets you apply injectors without penalties three times.

Since I’m going to be able to login in that period, I don’t really feel strongly about it. Skill points are skill points (with injectors, SP is just meh) and the rest can probably be bought rather cheaply off the market.

I do understand the dislike though with what feels like an attempt to arbitrarily persuade people to log into the game. We want people to log in because of compelling game play and not because of shiny free items.


I don’t support the Standing Boosters because they take away risk and consequences from EVE. And they will turn into just another money grab afterwards.
As for the Skill Injector penalty removers: Just another trick to make people pay more money. Personally, I do not have anything to inject and I am glad I still find long trainings so that I don’t have to worry about what to train next.
And the 150k SP… Well, if you really need them. I rather want them as compensation for CCP screw ups.

Technically, however, if you really only need to login on 13 days, you can be done with this grind by the 23rd or 24th. If you want these rewards so desperately, you are going to get this crap over with as quickly as possible.

And the log ins are just fake anyway. CCP will without a doubt brag about the increased log in numbers afterwards in an event. Conveniently ignoring and hiding the fact that most of these additional log ins, if they happen at all, result in nothing more than just 10 second sessions in a station to get the stuff and then log out again. If you even have to go that far. During the last event you could just grab the rewards from the Character selection screen.

As for the forcing itself: It’s CCP. First, they forced you into structures for industry and other stuff. Now they make you a prime target for wars while protecting those who do not own a structure. Go figure. CCP has no issues with “forcing” people to do things. Although, in modern day euphemism this is probably called “encouraging” or “enticing”. :thinking:


Can’t see the gun pointed at me forcing me to login


There were the ongoing campaigns in previous holiday seasons too, when you had to log in to claim reward. That is nothing new!

Remember Yule lads?


Well, it seems kinda forced in deed.

No it isnt, its just what CCP always did, when they gave presents to people that logged in in christmas season. These events did not had the UI element tho, only claimable things were put directly into redeem system.


Yes, but you got something for every day during the last Yules. The wording this year makes it look like you only get the “real” goodies if you manage to get 13 logins at all.

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If its that, then its an additional prize, something what CCP give additionally, so nothing lost.

You could just log in sporadically and it would feel like previous events. I dont see anything wrong with giving something extra at the end. I am sure it will not be account bound anyway, so you could obtain it other way, on market.

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Why don’t they just make it like always? :roll_eyes:

Even that way, it’s not forcing anything, you log if you want. If don’t, don’t get extra prize, it would be forcing if you lose sp, isk or whatever by not logging, Wich is not the case


For sure it wil be funny to see the posts full of christmas spirit: “he received more presents than I, CCP is bad!” :joy:




So you want the stuff without logging in? Reward the people who aren’t playing? Not sure I follow your logic here. It’s nice to get rewarded for playing, I really appreciate the gifts and events. If you have family stuff and a vacation to someplace warm during december, then ts. It’s not ccp’s problem.


Yep, my memory may fool me, but in the past the rewards were rather cheap, symbolic stuff, random iirc and not bound to the number of logins you can manage, and worth a B or more.

You do own a smartphone, right? Because it’s mobile time! Use Mobile Internet -or free wifi at Burger King- to log in each day remotely on your PC with a rdp program like teamviewer and reap the rewards for your effort and creativity. Or be a slacker and autopilot in real life.



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You both prove my point, thanks (by giving suggestions how to bend to CCP’s force). :grin:

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