Days of Christmas Passed

Hope everyone’s 2024 is off to a good start!

I forgot to look at the list of days/rewards for the holiday login event just ended. I’d gotten used to the way CCP has been giving a few more days in an event beyond what it takes to claim every reward. However I know I was still claiming holiday rewards yesterday. Didn’t notice it was the last day or I would have checked.

It’s possible I missed some claim days during the holidays, so just curious: did CCP time the event and the days to match exactly? (IE. you couldn’t miss a day or you’d miss a reward.) Or were there some extra buffer days and I missed just enough to end on the last day?

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I don’t believe there was any grace (buffer) period, no (I know I missed one day and didn’t collect the final reward). If it’s any consolation, the last 4-5 days of gifts weren’t anything you’d miss.

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It had nothing special, to the point I can’t even remember what it was.


Yeah I totally forgot to look at the list. Not important if I missed anything, just that I’d been thinking CCP was getting more “customer friendly” the past year or two with allowing an extra few days for event claims.

(As opposed to the previous standard CCP attitude of “if there’s anything else in your life more important than EVE every day, you’re doing it wrong!”.)

The last item I picked up yesterday was a Wightstorm Sunyata Booster III. No idea if that was the actual final reward item or not though.

Hah, yeah, I had no clue either. Had to log a character in to look.

The only items of real value (IMO) were the skill point gifts. I think there were 3, but I’m not 100%. The SKINs were… meh.

The Winter Nexus event was Dec 5 to Jan 4 = 31 days.
Note: The way CCP does their counting with the DT cycle, probably more like 30 days for most players.

I think there were 30 log-in day rewards available.

I actually missed logging in for the very first log-in day reward and on the second day, all log-in day rewards were still available to collect. Then I missed a couple more days so I started checking to make sure I would collect all the SP rewards. Luckily CCP spread out all those rewards near the middle of the log-in day rewards.

After missing a few days or so, I was still able to collect the last SP reward, the big one, on the last day of the event. I think there was another 5 more rewards available after it.

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