What happened to items for logging in?

(DJ Noobkillah) #1

Log in rewards are supposed to go till the 28th, but nothing on any account logging in this morning? Some of the ammo we where getting can actually be used.

(Steve Ronuken) #2

There were 13 gifts. You could claim them over a longer time than 13 days. Allowing for you to miss a day, without missing a gift.

(IcyMidnight) #3

I logged in today (the 28th) to claim my last rewards - busy during the holidays so missed a few logins - and the event appears to have ended. It was advertising that there was one more day left last I checked.

Did the event end early, or was the messaging confusing?

(Winston Onzo) #4

Ended 27th. 23rd was the 13th day. So 4 days after that was the 27th.

(Garm Zandor) #5

So, due to personal reasons I’m not able to play anymore nor even login daily, but I keep supporting one of my favourite games by keeping my account in Omega state all time, mostly by subbing… aaand for that i’m being punished by not getting Christmas gifts… Bad subscriber… bad!

But seriously… really CCP? Ruined mood of realizing the fact that you missed something great in holiday rush, is your gift to the community for new years eve? At least you could implement auto-claim for omega state accounts.

(CowRocket Void) #6

autoclaim dont boost logins silly boy

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #7

and you didn’t have to really log in to the game at all.

(Trim Saran) #8

I too was away working and missed out on the Christmas goodies…been paying my accounts for 10 years now so also feel a little cheated.