Is there a chance for a bonus last day of "13 Days of Eve"?

Hello o7

The last item is grayed for me, apparently I’m not gonna be able to get those 500K skillpoint.

The thing is, I have 4 days left in the Daily Login, even in reality, removing today, there are 4 days left for the 7th, and I have 8 items lefts to get (4 alpha & 4 omega)

It would be SO NICE from CCP to add a last bonus day, and actually for a lot of people I think.

Yea sorry doesn’t work that way. The daily logins were for the 13 days from when it started. You had to log in each of those days. If you get X days behind you miss those last ones.

The Chilling spree is what is continuing until the 7th.

[edit] And in this case I may have been slightly wrong, as it seems CCP gave us 17 days to collect the 13 days of EVE prizes, as it ran from December 11-28. Still doesn’t change the fact that the event was over on the 28th

Every added day increases the amount of people asking for yet another day. Like the ones before them, they will claim they were just one day short. An extension is a bad idea, because the reasoning will always be the same and the argument, after doing it once, will be “but you did it for those people, why not for us as well?”. Ad infinitum. One of my accounts is a few days short as well. So be it.


No, go away… oh wait, that’s why you lost out on the presents.

Why am i not surprised, a thread like this would come up.

You had between the 12th of December and the 7th of January to log in 13 times and get the rewards.

That is 26 days, to get 13 days worth of presents.

You basically missed 2 weeks. Half a month. Worth of prizes. And now you want an extra day?

I wrote extensively on this topic, when we had the anniversary celebration last year.

And they only gave 18 days to collect 16 days worth of prizes.

You have no excuse.

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Damn. Figures that this is the day my corn popper decided to die.

You don’t quite grasp the concept of limited time offers do you?..

Real life dragged me until I didnt even hear about the event :disappointed_relieved:

And for those who said “you had more than 13 days” :
I’m off Eve since this summer. Oh right there’s a new app ! Eve Portal ! Why didnt I get a notification on the Eve Portal instead of having an event like it was in 2010 ? Maybe using the Eve Portal to inform people about a new event next time ? and like using special notification for these kinds of event ?

Maybe it could bring back people for a little while and encourage them.

I didnt even heard about it, and it’s so unefficient to not use it to inform people.

So yeah. Thanks for the infos people o7

Sucks mate. But is your supermarket going to extend limited time offers, like sales on beer, for such a reason?

As for notifications, wasn’t there an email?

Edit- Yep. Got my email on the 13th.

Ive missed events because of vacation. I didnt care cause it was worth missing those for the fun i was able to have away from the computer. Get your priorities straight.

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