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My last time logged was last monday and haven’t been logged for a few days until now, my subscription ran out that same day too, I was only able to find out about this new sp event just right now Thursday, so my simple question is with two days gone already will I be able to get a chance to catch up to the ‘day 7’ reward from NOW? (Thursday 6pm)
My interface says there is 7 days left in the campaign but I am very worried because I missed a couple of days from that last event the 1m SP reward was effectively denied to me at the last minute. I’d like to know if from now I still have a shot at that final reward if I fully commit as of the making of this post.

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Just log in each day and hope that you’ll get it.

But don’t be mad when you log in the last day to see the special has ended and you can’t claim the last prize.

Anyway, I just saw the special offer now too so I have the same issue.

Good luck.

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Afaik you have only one day of slack, more and you will miss out the best reward. Remember CCP has to force your login pretty hard this time with blackout in place to boost the numbers for the owners.


well it looks like its 7 days event in a 9 days period … so claim every day and it should be ok

if not … claim as much as possible …



last time i loyally logged on each day except the last day so ended up with a bunch of junk but not the 1mil sp reward…this time around i hope they are a little more tolerant.


Seems like CCP frontloaded the rewards a bit as a response to the cry-wave on the previous event.


What @DeMichael_Crimson said.

And don’t see it being “denied” the 1M SP, but of gaining all the other SP.
You could have logged in a week from now, and missed all of it.

Though that would probably have been a case of “ignorance is bliss”. :shushing_face:


Well, I was in the same situation as the OP and after posting my reply, I did the first log in and continued to log in each of the following days. As such I was able to collect all the gifts with 22 hrs to spare.

I hope the OP did the same.

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