The Yoiul Festival gifts?

(Returner D) #1

I was promised Christmas presents today in eve, by fellow corp mates, i can see we got this last year aswell in connection with The Yoiul Festival, I’m new to the game, so did I miss something this year, since i can’t seem to find said presents.

(Linus Gorp) #2

The Yoiul Festival returns this December via The Agency

Looks like this time it’s through the event instead of free goodies through the redeeming system.

(Returner D) #3

Okay, thx. Kinda disappointing, since the stuff from the event it self, we already got from arms race…

Also having do to work for a christmas present, makes it kinda not a present.

(Disney's Magic Kingdom) #4

CCP want us to work for presents? Do they know what presents is? Thanks dad err CCP…

(Black Pedro) #5

There is another event, on top of the drone sites:

Check your agency tab to see what you can earn by participating.

That is true. We still might get a real gift in the redeeming queue, but so far what has been announced is another in-game event, and a discount on buying skins, neither of which can truly be called a Christmas present.

(Returner D) #6

Hello Capsuleer, ******** here.

Thank you for contacting the Player Experience Team. The Yoiul Festival this year is an in-game event that is available through ‘The Agency’ - please visit the link provided below for more details regarding this:

The Yoiul Festival Has Begun!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again should you require further assistance.

Best Regards,
Senior GM ********
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

(Jahar Makanen) #7

I earned the festival lanuncher as usual and a useless coin.

Thanks ccp.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #8

Thanks skill injector farms*

If the injector farms had gotten all the goodies, they wouldn’t be very valuable. Injector farms aren’t very good at running sites, so this year’s stuff is in sites.

(Returner D) #9

What do you mean, this year stuff is in the sites, we get the same ■■■■ from sites as we did doing Arms race, thats nothing new, and nothing to do with Christmas…

(Jahar Makanen) #10

They’re talking about the yoiul gift box and the festival launchers… now you need to go get your “gift” yourself… No santa’s clone left for coming in the chimmey this year… maybe his sled got destroyed in the gate camp.

(Nana Skalski) #11

There were some items in drone sites, like for example Myrska pamphlets and coins.

(Piugattuk) #12

Don’t worry, you’ll get your pieces of carbon, or a silly troll book on ‘how to retire your starbase’ CCP has moved into this strange behavior of trolling us with these drops.

(Jahar Makanen) #13

At least this avoid people from farming alt accounts and redeem itens for free.

(Sarina Aideron) #14

CCPs gift to me was trolling. I opened lauchner, saw news:

"Omega time sale, just what i need! My account is about to expire."
Clicked on link … Sale was last week and its over now. Really? :confused:
The 19th is today …

(Jahar Makanen) #15

Maybe something updated this date by mistake… this offer was announced last week.

(Bordoc17) #16

Just a continuation of the arms race…boring.

(Old Pervert) #17

Sounds like their gift is an attempt at conflict generation. Not a good attempt, but an attempt just the same.

(Ocean Ormand) #18

Count me among the haters. Eve used to have funny holiday events - now the agency just allows for lazy cookie cutter retreads.

(Grimliver Aurilen) #19

the goodies you mean the same shazaam from rogue swarm event ?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #20

Its interesting that the agency came out at approximately the same time as when they laid off a significant portion of their staff. The agency allows for soulless, boring, cookie cutter, repetitive content. Clearly you dont need a whole lot of people on your staff thinking of new things when you keep pushing out the same old, same old.