Yoiul festival 121

I’ve noticed there is a new skin for the astero, Stratios and Nestor for the yoiul festival 121, has this festival already happened or has it not happened yet?


I think you might be referring to this:

I don’t know if that is it but all I know is that there is an amazing skin for the astero, I want it and no one is selling one so I am sad

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Go to Jita put a buy order in and wait.

PS: 10 ISK will probably not make people sell that one time item. Google “economy” and “entitlement” to improve your chances on getting one.

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they should become available soon on the eve store but not sure when. seen a post saying that they would be available till January 8th. But I can’t find them yet either.
I will definitely be picking them up myself and fyi I’ve seen the skin on many other ships in game other than the three you list.

you guys should take a look around. These skins are awesome and definitely not part of the giveaway or permafrost event.

yeah obviously they are gonna sell for a lot but there aren’t any at jita either

I cant find them in the new eden store
edit: sorry I just clicked the link and didnt read where you said you cant find them either yet

They probably just forgot the date on article linked above and they arne’t actually added to the store yet, probably closer to christmas

I also wonder if ghostbird is going to go away when the yoiul nes changes happen. I can only hope that it’s an awesome minmatar skin line. The minny ships look great with the yoiul skins too; they have red solar panels.

Minmatar ships don’t have solar panels, those are “Salty Tear Collection Devices”

Its how we fuel our ships


any eta on the YC121 skin for SoE

Not sure what the art departments’ obsession with using holographic banners on every bloody thing but they look horrid on the Yoiul skins. I can understand having them on capital ships because those types of ships are stately and say hey look at my big booty flying through space all slow and such, but smaller ships just look downright stupid. Its like pinning little streamers to a chihuahua’s ears and letting it run around. I think they looked nice on the Chimera and I am ok with a few around stargates but holy crap they use way way too many. Even stargates have 4 lol you only need two, one on either side of the gate…sorry my OCD kicked in.

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