Paladin Yoiul Festival YC121 Paladin Skin


Is the Yoiul Festival coming back this Christmas and if so, would the Paladin Yoiul Festival YC121 Skin be available for purchase again?


Because that was specific to YC121, it’s unlikely CCP will publish that skin again on the store. There are skins they recirculate which are popular like Imperial Jubilee and Caldari State Police. But as a general rule, skins that were issued in association with a specific date or event don’t make the rounds again in NES.


while they could rename it as they did with the Crimson Harvest YC 118 SKIN (now Ironblood), that was renamed because it wasn’t actually used the year it was for.

By contrast, these were sold to people for PLEX with the understanding that this was the SKIN for this year, so if they were to go back on that there would be some extremely mad people.

That said, it would be cool if they added it to the pool of things you can get for the login rewards >:D

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