How are Skins released? What makes them rare?

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How are skins released ? Do they get rereleased? How to tell what skin is rare?

Currently, in the New Eden Store there is the IceBlade Guerilla Bundle for 1,560 plex or nearly 4B in isk. Because it’s in the NES I’m assuming it has never been released in the game as a idk PVE reward, loot drop, mission give out etc. For that skin is it rare because of the direct associative cost? Will they remove it from the store? If so when? and if they did remove it will they ever rerelease it?

How can you tell what skins are event give aways VS NES purchased vs loot dropped etc.

I guess where im getting at is as I purchase more expensive skins I want to know if it has a long term value, if I buy a skin for collecting or invest 1B+ for a cool skin I want to know it will be a rarity and not dropped as a loot item or something.

I kind find much on this kind of topic so hoping a Skin collector or someone might know a thing or two about this.

As a side note to keep the idea going I’ve always wanted paladin Yoiul Festival Skin which is currently going for 49.9 B (Holy ■■■■), from the best of my knowledge that ■■■■ will never be re-released so as people buy them up and activate them they exit circulation for good. Is it so rare and expensive because only a handful got purchased, earned/collected, or like?

It totally depends on.
It is impossible to foresee whether skins bundled to the packs or in NES re-released again.
Even if it were stated as limited time sales though, it could be re-leased again in any forms.

For example, Caldari Union Day Skin was released on September 2018. Despite They had not been re-released for 3 years and their prices going straight up, CCP published them again as a pack bundled skin this september. You can see some of those price dropping incredibly.
Chimera Kairiola’s Sacrifice skin was one of the first series of those holographic skins and was on sale in NES as limited time item. It had been re-released again too.
Bloody hand skins for minmatar hulls had not been onresale again for a while though, and was re-released again recently.

So, any skins provided through NES or packs may be possibly re-released whenever CCP wants.
But We have some hints to judge rarelity of skins.

Following skins are basically re-released regurally, mainly once a year

  • Police Skins
  • Star Captain Skins

Following skins will be never re-released

  • Alliance Tournament’s winners Skins ( Victory Skins )
  • EVE World Tour Skins ( Red Meatgrinder, Red Forests Thunderbird, Liminal Crossings, Niflhel Glidclaw, All-Stars Casino Clash, Deadspace Dreamtime, Netherworld Striker, etc )
  • Anniversary Skins ( Yoiul Festival YC121 Skins, etc )

Following skins may not be re-released again

  • Storm Bear Skins ( Up to 9 skins were exclusively provided to the winners of lore contest on vk )
  • Nyx Umbral Skin ( which was provided to the customors who preordered Nyx IRL model, which was eventually cancelled )

Literally, the answer I’ve been hoping for, super insightful


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