Intaki skins

I’ve been out of the game for a very long time, and I’d really like to acquire some of the Intaki skins. Unfortunately, they are either completely unavailable, or rather pricey.

I guess I’d like to learn a little more about these:

  1. How were they originally sold?
  2. Will they ever be available through that source (my guess is the New Eden Store, but maybe not) again?

I’m just trying to decide if I should hold out and wait for more to be released, or attempt to create buy orders now for the rarer ones.


Likely or unlikely. They were discontinued a long time ago as they are first generation skins, which CCP removes from the NES over time to “reduce clutter” (aka they are not good enough to introduce proper filters). They may or may not bring them back to the NES for an event or may or may not introduce them as rewards in events or may or may not introduce new Intaki skins or may or may not ever again make skins for them.

That’s a lot of may, even for May.

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It’s silly, there are so many skins for ships that you just can’t get. I realise that scarcity is a reason to buy them in the first place to then sell them later on. Some very specific skins being scarce I have no problem with but it’s like 90% of the skins are unavailable.

I’m not sure if it’s better for CCP to have an initial sale burst (people being opportunistic) to then remove them from sale altogether or to just leave them on sale so people can keep buying the skins the whole time.

Well, its May, after all.

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