Ships skins

hello/ yall
so i know whe get get ships skins from:
new eden store
project discovery
special events
and killing npc ore haulers
yet thers alot of skins in the market that are not from any of those 4

any one know where skins come from?
is ther any activities that drop skins as loot or as complting a mission?


Some of them came from past events, like Purity of the Throne or Cold Iron. Some are old, first generation NES store skins, which were discontinued.

Many skins are limited edition. A few were offered as part of a subscription campaign, event skins may only be offered during the event - after that you need to get them from the market. Skins are periodically retired from the store. Scarcity tends to add value to skins on the market and better tools allow CCP to produce far more sophisticated skins than the basic 2 color ones we were getting a couple of years ago.

I expect this pattern will continue - increasingly sophisticated limited edition skins that are only offered for a short period of time - after that you need to pay market price - if they are available at all.

And even some other skins are on special sales like the last Black Friday one, where I got this suit also.

Sad thing is, I can no longer buy the Emergency Response skins :frowning:

How would you know?

Unless youve done every single special event, how would you know that a skin wasnt from an event that you missed?

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