New Eden Store

(Ash Beldrulf) #1

How often are the skins in the New Eden Store changed?

I want some skins and would rather give CCP my plex then give any players my isk.

(Phoebe Obray) #2

CCP hasn’t figured out yet that players actually might WANT to buy the skins they make. Some of the skins are for special stuff or rare for a reason, the rest I don’t understand why CCP doesn’t keep them on the NES. 90% of the skins in the game aren’t actually available.

Perhaps they think that limited releases result in people being opportunistic and buying a whole lot of them to them sell them later on at a massive profit. But looking at the markups and trading volume I’d say they’d be better off to just keep them on the NES.

Then again, knowing CCP, it might be something as stupid as having a limited number of NES store slots so they need to purge stuff every time they want to add things, and they don’t know how to increase it.

(Sasha Viderzei) #3

True, I’d love to see some SKINs I never sax on the NES back again, like the Kopis Edge for Gallente ships.

For such a big compagny, that would be laughable :sweat_smile:

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(DeMichael Crimson) #4

The ironic thing about this is that all skins can be viewed in-game through the Character sheet. CCP should just use that Library list as a link to the NES with an option to purchase ship skins with PLEX or ISK.

(Jagati Khan81) #5

Completely agree all skins should be on sale permanently current system makes me less likely to spend not more.

(Ash Beldrulf) #6

I don’t think that all the skins should always be on sale but it would be great if the skins rotated monthly or even bi-weekly.

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(Circumstantial Evidence) #7

The Store page doesn’t scale up well to support everything they could put in it. (It lags for me the first time I start a Search).

It seems a bit counter-intuitive that this one part of EVE that makes direct money for CCP through sales of digital copies of items, isn’t worth developer time to expand and update, so that it could support the thousands of items which could be up for sale right now.

Also, since the ‘daily deal’ for the 16th anniversary has ended, I stopped caring.

Hint for CCP: Give us a reason to go there, every day.

(DeMichael Crimson) #8

Well yeah, special ‘Event’ skins shouldn’t be available. However, all the other regular skins should definitely be made available.

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(dewk) #9

Add to that faction mission skins shouldn’t be available in NES, otherwise no one would bother doing the missions or events.

Maybe add more special missions with rare skin rewards, we already have rare faction/pirate bpc’s as rewards.

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(Jagati Khan81) #10

I think a lot of the current skins show a lack of real effort and look really poor/bland.
You can do far better CCP I know you want our money.