Crow Skins, Id like more of them

Less sneaker colors or nfl team looks. Cold Iron skins or even the Chinese server style skins for this skin would be wicked right now.

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Just had a call from the Corvus Union - could they have their skins back as their feathers keep falling out…

I’ve often wondered why CCP doesn’t have all their ship skins available in the NES, probably make them a lot more money if they did.

Anyway, I’d like to get this one - Jaguar Nova - Serenity Server


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Ooh shiny!

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Obligatory plug

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In a sandbox there are a very limited number of items you can give away in specials without being accused of pay to win.

Who said anything about specials? I’m talking about just making all ship skins currently in the game database be available for purchase in the NES.

In the long run it would make CCP more money. Hell, if they were all available in the NES, I would gladly purchase a few with some of the PLEX I’ve been sitting on.

In EVE all things are connected.

If you put everything up for sale nothing is special and these items are part of the rare few that are popular and don’t impact the game. They need to be special.

And really price on the NES would only matter if it was like “Monocle Bad” ($81)

I understand about keeping some skins special, just have those only available to purchase once per account.

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