Yoiul Chilling Spree

Hello CCP,

as you have announced for “The Winter Nexus - EVE’s holiday season”, for login in each day between 10.12. to 05.01 a player can get 5.000 skill point for hitting another capsuleer with a snowball.


This mission was unavailable yesterday.
This mission is unavailable today.
What will be tomorrow ?
How much can I trust in your announcments for the future?
Right now I am doing the event with 13 chars on 7 accounts to boost their training … this sums up (13 x 2 x 5000) to 130.000 skillpoints missing?

I can adapt to a lot of bad decisions lately. The ressource scarcity, the trigs roaming in high killing eveyone in systems they appear, the trade route Amarr <-> Jita gone … but when it comes to skill points this is where I draw a line in the sand.

So why has this event bug not been corrected yet?
If you cannot correct it tell us so : I will prepare an excel file with accounts and chars, sum up the missing skillpoints, then they can be added to the chars retroactively. I am sure that not much work on your side. I will even accept (to spare you the work) to transfer the sum of all missing skillpoints to my main char … well as chrismas present or sort of.

It would be nice to hear from you. Please answer.

Best regards
Fleur Lovjoy