Winter Nexus Another disappointment from CCP

First off, Hardly any data sites compared to all the combat sites. Great

Second, if you want to do the combat sites, you better get a Very good Battle cruiser and above. But oh wait, everyone is in a Marauders.

Mining sites? CCP has made it clear they hate Miners in every aspect.

Screw it.


Looks like a lot of opportunities for interaction and competition, exactly what EVE is about.


i asked yo peeps what about all this neutrals in arzad ? On militia chat
they asked , winter event
my home base in low sec is fuuuuuuuuuuuuull of neutrals doing this ■■■■

i undocked and, endurances , lokis , tengus and since I’m alpha and don’t have big ships there ATM i will simply wait for them to go away


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A few hints

map + metaliminal storms = intel
the sites respawn in the same “storm systems”, fast even
hang around for a while in an event system
there’s no shortage, payouts are a bit lower (my impression), but the speed at which you can do the complete track is a lot higher now.

just giving it away, coz I finished it and am a free pilot again with a colorful muninn skin :rofl:

It is a great event, I am dunking a lot of miners. Including a New Eden FailPolice Barge:


I like that people are in marauders.

Games are supposed to be fun and your time should be rewarded whether it’s 1 hour a day or 12 hours a day.
Event sites ARE far too spread out and rare. Traveling 100 jumps over an hour to find a single unoccupied site has happened for me nearly every event I concede to participate in… Guess what. I don’t do events anymore because of it.

I already have a tedious, soul-crushing job that undervalues my time and ability… I don’t want to come home and log-in to another.


This 100%…

I also finished the event…

Don’t know why CCP keeps making all the rewards soulbound… I’ll never use most of those ship skins.

Since CCP insists on making it soulbound, it’d be better if we had the option to choose the Faction for the ship skin instead of being stuck with a specific skin we’ll never use…

For example - Have each of the skin slots be for a specific hull class - Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Industrial, etc, - and when you get to that reward, a pop-up shows with option to select a specific Faction.

That way you can get skins for the ships you actually have…


Why are you travelling 100 jumps? Just use filaments that they give us with login rewards.
I have plenty of corpmates with jobs that are making bank off the limited game play that they do have with these sites.
If you don’t like the rewards skins, selling loot, or the skill boosters, you can just do whatever it is you do between events that you think is valuable, no one is forcing you to do the event.


If you are into skins then perhaps it’s alright. Don’t care about them myself. I participated for about an hour. I’d rate it a solid 2 on a scale of 1 - 10.


Your two other guys got banned huh? Welcome back for the next 5 days until this guy gets banned too. @Gix_Firebrand hey this dude is back! Love it

Yep pretty sure he’s gonna get binned again LOL.

He just posting crazy stuff man.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Just stay on topic, cheers.


I don’t do events yet. I’m not rich enough to lose ships willy-nilly.
I’m going to lose a ship trying to go into an abyss and see what it’s all about. I hope I won’t get blasted before I figure a few things out.
I’ll try an event eventually. When I have a good cruiser to waste.

You can run the winter event with a praxis.

I’d just avoid cal systems :smiley:

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I just developed a wide grin, because the piranha grin of the Armegeddon just got a lot cooler with one of the event aurora skins! No disappointments here…

and in warp

The color of the “eyes” changes with the speed, it’s very cool.

So thank you CCP, for making one of the coolest ships in the game even cooler !! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


OMG is beautiful :astonished:


I mean I got nothing against ship skins.

I’d drop money on sexy ones.

You gotta look cool when you blap people.

I’ve prob dropped 100 bucks on UO stuff for Outlands, so my chars can look fly as they dirt nap peeps :smiley:

true, although in eve no one ever looks at skins but the player who’s flying the ship (unless waiting for the titan to bridge us out, lol):smiley:
But this was a very nice surprise, a free skin from doing the progression on the event tracker. No bucks. Now I need a killmark on it, maybe it glows even better.