Thank you CCP for Winter Nexus Event

Excellent event, really enjoyed this.

Looking forward to the next one



Hey nice to see someone using the forums for a compliment - yes I’d like to echo this as well, thankyou CCP for the Winter Nexus events … I enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:


Sadly, other and worthier games (and work) grabbed all my attention this holiday. So while I would have liked to participate I had to cut several games off the Christmas list this year, which was a tough choice.

I 'm pleased to hear that CCP put together an event that many people enjoyed however (with the usual detractors posting a bit here and there of course).

What did you like most about the event, and what made it accessible for you to take part in, if I may ask?

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It was widely spread over high-sec, low-sec and null. The sites moved around in systems and between them and whilst the basics of each site were the same it still played well. The fact that there were a LOT of sites meant that people weren’t all stuck in a handful of systems and the fact that the sites moved over time meant that traffic stayed active. It also meant that I could stay away from the massively populated systems which meant I wasn’t in a position to get ganked.

I only used filaments once on the first day - unfortunately for me it jumped me 30 jumps away into the space of a high-sec empire who was hostile to me from too much mission running so I spent almost an hour jumping back with their navy chasing me … boooooring.

Loved the fact that there were different challenges, hacking, combat and mining and the min-events like the chilling spree gave you other challenges such as snowballs to do as well.

For me another element was the competition side, mostly if I entered a combat site mid-progress with one or more players I left them to finish but once in a while I enjoyed the challenge of competing in a DMG-race on the boss and did on a few occasions manage to do more DMG than the player already there and “steal” the kill.

All in all, great content and thanks CCP for making it such an enjoyable event.


The one thing they actually managed to do right in 2020?

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+1 To this. Can’t wait to find out what kind of event will happen next.


I found it to be boring and uninspiring.

I agree, best event ever.
We could quickly find pvp with these low sec / null sec / high sec filaments and the event was awesome.

Please do more events like this with filaments so we can do quick jumps to highsec / low sec / null sec for quick pvp and quick event runs.


Well it actually made me spend time in LS, got the pulse rate up on occasions, died a few times, but earned loads of isk ,and the rewards were varied and interesting. .

Plenty of sites meant there was some risk but didn’t have to spend ages trying to find a place or two to operate. Filaments in and out of LS/NS were great.

Will be spending more time outside HS in future.

Think this event has set a high standard


Yes :slight_smile:

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