This winter nexus event are so much fun. Thanks CCP

I’ve been jumping all over the place. Null sec (at the edge of new eden), Lowsec and the one of most fun part is when the highsec filament brought me to Sivala. The adrenaline rush when your in dangerous territories are so great. It pressures you to be smart and not to be careless. Thanks CCP. o7


I’ve enjoyed this event a lot. The weather effects are a really cool touch, the filaments are making it easily accessible, and the moving storms are making people move around. I really hope we get more events like this.

Glad you guys are having fun. This is going to be an interesting feedback thread no matter what happens, of that I am sure.

I have to confess it was interesting getting my dumb one filament self out of Solitude safely, but I would probably be outraged if I lost even my no account Praxis trying to get out.

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