Thank you CCP for

Hi. I wanted to make a positive thread about things I like in this game, because there’s so much negativity in this forum. Come share the love! :heart:

Loyalty to Lowsec update:

This honestly made my lowsec pirate life much more fun. Because of the automatic suspect flag, I get fights easier since enemies are not hesitant to shoot me! Also the 90% droprate is great, I know it’s just temporary but I will enjoy it as long as I can. :smiley: I also really like the more frequent update cycle. So thank you for that!

Wardec update:

Wardecs are great in the game but I like how they’re now tied to structures, so even I’m in medium sized alliance I can still go to Jita without too much worry. :wink: I never hated the wardec system really, I always thought it was neat, but it feels more balanced now. So I’m really happy about it!


I know filaments have been in the game for a while now but I got finally properly to try them. Found a great fight under 10 minutes of roaming after using a filament! Even they’re mostly meant for gangs, I still have fun using them as solo player.

Now I’m going to sleep but I can’t wait to do this again and again tomorrow!!!

I’ve played EVE for past +10 years, started when I was like 16 or so and I will keep playing for another 10 as long as I can find fights as a solo PVPer. :slight_smile: There’s always things to improve as with any game and software, but right now I’m really optimistic about EVE’s future.

Cheers all and see ya in space! If you see me, go ahead and shoot me! :wink:



Great to know there’s still some players here with positive viewpoints about the game.

May you have continued success and good hunting.



Honestly, I like a lot of what they’ve been doing recently and am growing hopeful for the future. Of course, I do think that they make mistakes, and will get frustrated with them at times, but it’s absolutely amazing how some people seem invested in their negativity. It’s like they want to be angry.

Anyway, I made a video you might be interested in.

And I hope everyone is doing okay.


Interesting video, guy. :+1:

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I have a hard time thinking about something positive CCP did in the last couple of years. They mutated from gamers who tried to make a game they themselves would like to play (AKA how to make good games) to a company directed by pure greed, where it is more important to use psychological manipulative tricks or cripple existing game mechanics to optimize “engagement” they measure in some statistics.

And lets be honest, a player from 10 years ago jumping forward to today would be completely shocked by the amount of ads all over the place in the game where they try to sell you additional stuff.


I like SKINS.

Anything that adds more customisation is great.

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First off, there’s a lot of great foundations in EVE. All the things we take for granted now (4 factions, excellent EVE lore/backstory, graphics, ship tree etc.) were truly visionary at one point.

Second, the efforts they’ve made in trying to implement a more free-form, sandbox style of play that gives players more freedom to ‘create their own playstyle’ have the potential to provide for a lot of creativity and variety in the EVE experience.

Some of the systems they’ve introduced could have been really interesting/engaging (FW, Resource Wars, FOBs, NPC mining fleets, wardecs etc).

I also like what they’ve done over time with game events tied to developing stories (Empress coronotaion, Sleepers, Drifter Invasion and the older ones).

The recent Triglavian additions I think have been pretty good, and have the potential to add a lot more interest to some parts of the game.

So yeah, EVE has a lot of great, creative elements that could lead to a very interesting game and lots of player choice some day. Great ideas, good starts.

Still a bit short on implementations and finishes, though.


In the interests of keeping this thread nice, Ill pretend to agree :slight_smile:

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