Appreciation post from returning newb

I know CCP gets a lot of flak around here. This is a positive post on some great things they’ve added since my last endeavors (2-3 years) ago.

The Agency is awesome! I’ve not been much into PvE, but I’ve already discovered things I didn’t know even existed. It has also clarified how other game systems worked and made them accessible. I love it!

Ship fitting (simulation) is miles ahead where it used to be. And “Buy Fit” is just so fast and easy (it’s a godsend really).

The new character skill window is just so much more readable. The unlock icons on skill training makes it so much more satisfying and easily digestible.

Things like the ship direction arrow are great little touches that help awareness.

These aren’t pure gameplay related, but they really help less experienced players like me approach the game. So maybe someday I can actually understand some of that said large scale gameplay XD

<3 CCP


The forums need more positive posts. :slight_smile:


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