EVE's community is honestly fantastic!

…and no it isn’t sarcasm.

I am quite new to EVE. And while my account status may show I have been around for a couple of months; 90% of that time I was overseas and simply had the account sitting there skill-training.

I know that there may be veterans from a lot of older games such as Anarchy Online/Runescape etc who might disagree.
Or there might be people remembering potential early days of EVE and relating it’s current player-base to the past.

Now, I have tried a great many other games/mmos. Oh so many! But after my short stint on EVE thus far; wow! The community here is exceptional.

  • If I ask for assistance in game, and people are so willing to provide numerous levels of help.
  • If I ask a question on the forums through a wall of punctuated text, I get ample responses to feed my enquiry.
  • …hell, even if I get blown up while practising scanning in Null sec or WH space, the pirates are so helpful in explaining ‘what I did wrong’, and ‘how to improve’.
  • On two occasions I have actually been given money to buy back my ship+fittings and had change to spare.
    Truly surprised at the generosity I have seen.

Yeah I have met a few bad eggs, but honestly, what game doesn’t have them? Though, in my meager experience, these people are few and far between.

Speaking of forums, most other mmo forums, if you want a question answered, you have to nearly use reverse psychology to get someone to even attempt an answer. And if you had a question more than two sentences long? Forget about having any reasonable reply.

Anyway, I don’t think I had any other purpose with this post other than to share my elation with regard to the community I have thus far encountered.

Thanking you~


Average player age in eve is much higher than in most games and for whatever reason it attracts more intelligent people mostly :slight_smile:

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You get out what you put in. :slight_smile:
If you’re complaining about something (which isn’t a bug), you’re probably going to have a bad time. (see people complaining about being ganked)

If you’re trying to get better, then it can be very welcoming.

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I know many people who had positive experiences as a new player like the ones you are describing and choose to pay it forward when they encounter new players. It can make a huge difference for new players.

You choose to have the correct attitude towards learning how things are and wanting to improve within that framework rather than whine and complain- that makes a huge difference in your experience.

You will do well in new eden.

One of my first bigger impressions of EVE was when I went to LowSec for the first time. Followed an escalation into the outer parts of Lonetrek not yet knowing that the route to M-OEE8 is very, very busy. No kills in the last hour seemed to be save enough to me. Lost my Gila to a player dual boxing a Vindicator and an Eos, but at least tried my best to shrug him of. Then I asked what I could have done better and told him what I was up to. Got some useful hints and the offer to finish the escalation together. I got into an Ibis and flew it to the system with the escalation. I didn’t get killed at the gate like I somewhat expected and even got to loot the faction module that dropped. Learned that 5/10 sites can be done in cheaper ships than a Gila and all in all it was a good EVE evening. Nearly came of ISK positive hence the loss of the Gila and had learned stuff.

Hmm … is not generosity. We want you stay in game so we can gank/blow up/fight you in future.

Sarcasm aside, yes is the best community!

Clearly, you haven’t been to Jita.

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I’d be interested to see if his opinion was the same, one year into the game.

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