The Christmas event was by far your best event yet and here is what I hope to see for the future

The combination of big risk and big rewards in the Christmas event was really great as well as the easy access with filaments wherever you are in space. I think that risk/reward as well as easy access was one of the big success factors of this event. Whenever I filamented into low sec I saw an all out PVP war going on in so many different ways. Mining fleets being hunted down by other mining fleets, hunters running around trying to catch hackers and all of a sudden a big fleet comes into the system and tries to take out another that is running the combat sites.
The way in which this event created so many different kinds of battles was great! I never thought I would fit up a Procurer fleet to go out hunting with but I did and it was a blast.

What I would like to see for future events is more sites where only certain kinds of ships are allowed since I think this pushes players to become creative and get into ships that they normally wouldn’t fly or fit up.

T1 Frigate event sites
T1 Cruiser event sites
T1 Battlecruiser event sites
T1 Battleship event sites
T1 Hauler sites where you have to go collect some sort of reward and can battle other T1 haulers

2 more points.
There are so many ships that people rarely fly. You probably know the statistics of who they are better than anyone so it would be really nice to see event sites where these ships are given some love.

The filament journey back to where you came from could sometimes take hours even if I filamented to high sec. For null sec people It was probably almost impossible to filament out from null sec and try and get back easily.
I agree that there should be risk involved with the journey but the journey back shouldn’t have to take many hours and could be more accessible to people in null sec.

Thanks for a great event!

The Data sites (low & null) where fun because people that ran them liked to fight so got a lot of 1v1’s which was awesome.

Negatives: the scan strength required was a bit to high to scan so you basically where limited to covert ops ships + astero, no other frigate was able to scan it down.

Combat Sites:
High sec (don’t know didn’t do it)
Null sec (Don’t know didn’t do it)
Low sec (Required too much dps and tank to complete so could not do so in a pvp fit ship, so basically any ship that came in you where unable to fight it unless you where super blingy fit that could give up another module for some tackle mods.)

They are great in the fact that they get you to the action quicker, but they are terrible because they get you there instantly with no purpose of home.

Problem: It was the most efficient to live in Jita and filament straight from there straight to the action.

Solution: Have filament’s move you in the direction of a specific storm a few LY’s so you could skip 6 or 7 jumps at a time by filamenting, which gives incentive to still live in an area closer to the action and gives meaning to place and home, while also reducing travel time.

Tbh I would hope that signal and noise where removed and replaced with 1 filament for every storm type which lets you jump 6 or 7 jumps in that direction (with a unknown destination so you can’t plan everything perfectly but only in a general sense.) with the usual 15min cool down.

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