More events like Blood Raiders and Frostline

Ahoy CCP,

While I do enjoy the skill points from the login event, I think the really short daily tasks didn’t lead to anything more interesting for me than a quick NPC kill. I did them and then, went back to whatever I as going to do anyway.

I like the larger events like the Blood Raider sites, or the Frostline sites because:

  • They provide a new NPC environment so you can try different ships and fits than you’d normally use for ratting in your home. And variety prevents the burnouts.
  • They’re complex enough that you can run them with friends, so you can invite new bros along.
  • You’re at a beacon in space, so there is a chance for some interaction with new people, friendly and unfriendly
  • You still get some cool loot and SP from accelerators from the events.
  • A story makes things more interesting.

I hope to see more of these kinds of things in the future!


Events are dead. We now have trig combat anomalies. My hope for new events other than login rewards, ceased today.

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Oh great, first Mittens reports that Innominate thinks CCP is out to kill EVE and now you think that events are a thing of the past. I haven’t been this depressed since I put on a Speedo and looked in a mirror.

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The blood raider ones were the best


The one versus mordus in the white dwarf environment was the best !
One system per constel was good to make people get together.
Multiple rooms meant there was possibility to do the stuff you liked.
high-damage rats meant the need to think the fights - or avoid them.
A few issues (damage when warping, gas was too high volume) but it was the one I liked the most

After that, the one with the drifters was very good. You could do the normal site and catch the fast cruiser, or scan for the BS sites and hope for an escalation that was really tough. Little issue too, because the rats did despawn too fast so you had to kill them very fast and a BS was not enough. But rats with defensive scram, an amount of DPS you could not handle alone (in the escalation), something that needed to catch the rats and handle the room DPS (and thus think of it) and where the drone boats where not at a huge advantage …

Then the one with sleepers. Those were brutal , even though the reward were lacking (I think it was only fluffstuff).

Then the one with ore to mine, and rats spawning when you were close enough to some of them (blood ?). Several activities, you could go with two alts and an orca, and after cleaning the site in eg orthruses get in your barges and mine the roids - or do it with friends.
Or force bump people in the ennemy spawn to make the ennemy kill them ! Mach was very good for that.

I don’t like those where it’s just “warp in, kill 3 waves of cruisers and frigates, then take gate and kill the target inside”. A bit too simplistic, no choice, no reason to bring anything but the best ship for the mission.


I really liked these as well. Great for stealing loot and suspect baiting blingy battleships.

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