New events sucks, I miss the time when the events were simplier

If I miss anything in this game it is old simple events that even a noob could do with cheap t1 cruiser.

Why did CCP started to listening to the loud minority crying about the events being easy and mindless? Seriously, the last good event I remember was the Blood Raiders about a 2 years ago now (don’t remember the name and I could not find any information about old events in eve anywhere, but I hope you know which one I mean).

FOB, Neutral mining fleets, Resource Wars, Triglavian invasion… these all were big fails imo and only a minority of players doing them.

The number of players, actual players, playing this game is year by year lower and lower, yet the new events and new content requires more and more players to do. CCP doesn’t understand that instead of players working together they will just multibox it with alts (or maybe they do and it is their bussiness plan? not sure what is worse).

Seriously tell me what was wrong with the old events like the one mentioned. It was spawned everywhere, even wormholers had sites in their system, it increased player base as lot of noobs subbed again to do them as they were fun and easy, and the swarm of noobs running the sites meant a new content for gankers, thiefs and suspect baiters.

If there was anything wrong with those sites it was their too fast respawn rate or spawn rate in low populated areas. Because of that, smart players were not contesting them in main highsec but was doing them somewhere far away where nobody fought for it. This is however hard to balance as most of the low and null is divided to alliances who controll it therefore making an event that only spawns in low, while not as bad idea itself, primarily benefits these large groups and nobody else.

New content with so called smart AI is not only too hard to do (or rather doable but annoying) but also has shitty rewards. FOB, neutral mining fleets and resource wars especially. Would anyone missed this content ? What is point of having it in EVE anyway?

Additionally why does this new content must always harass players doing other activities? I am talking about endlessly respawning (with no delay) roaming triglavs and FOB patrols. Sure, more destruction is good for the game but I still don’t like npcs doing it. Give us more reason to fight between us, give more reasons to gank miners or autopiloting ships and more players will do it, (indirrectly) nerfing the ganking in one way or another and adding npcs that will “grief” players instead is anything but good design.


Why CCP gave up on the events is a big :psyccp:

I think all the devs got moved over to work on the Triglavian Invasion stuff, maybe when that gets completed (there is at least one more chapter to go) events will make a comeback.

I hope so but I also have my doubts.


Because CCP doesn’t understand the difference between “narrative even that drives the story forward” and “another PvE thing to farm so that hopefully the farmers keep paying their $15/month”. At this point I honestly don’t know if they’re even capable of creating interesting story events anymore.


The old events were indeed a lot more entertaining. Mostly available to a wider array of players (not always, some of them needed better ships and skills), they got people out, flying around, hunting sites (and each other), racing to get the boss drop, then racing more to steal the boss drop and fly away before your suspect flag got you nuked.

“Simpler and more interesting” didn’t mean they didn’t have great opportunities for player engagement.

Then they went for grindy, ‘new’ events, with new mechanics, tons of bugs, rewards that people didn’t like, ‘build your own’ accelerators (look at the Permafrost event for example). Basically a bunch of crap new ideas that apparently they thought would make events less farmable or maybe less rewarding but still bring players to play… and players disliked those events en masse. There were some fans but the feedback threads were overwhelmingly negative.

Apparently after that they just gave up on real events and decided “log in and complete a 5 minute task per day for a minimal reward” was the way to move forward. Not that some of those events haven’t been useful, but they’re nowhere near on par with the old Blood Raider/Crimson Harvest, Guardian Gala, Purity of the Throne and Liberation type events.


Indeed. Actually the Blood Raider event I mentioned already had this grindy mechanic in it, I think you could get a cerebral booster if you farmed 300 points or something. But I don’t remember the names nor npcs in earlier event than this one which is why I mentioned this.

But yes, this was the time CCP started fuking the events up …

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Nothing for the solo player in this event.

I assume it is an attempt to get Alpha’s into low sec for a taste of PvP brutality. Nothing in low sec except slightly higher rewards in Cosmic Signatures and the adrenaline rush of hoping not to be ganked.

Missile Implant BPCs? What, why not the Implants themselves? Have you seen the cost of Cryoprotectant Solution recently? Why does a BPC require 50 or 100 units of a product the size of 6 cubic meters each (that’s 300 to 600cubic meters total!!!) to create something smaller than a fingernail?? What an obvious prop up of the planetary production market.

Used to look forward to events, but not anymore…

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CCP heard a ton of complaints about Faction Warfare, and lowsec generally, last year. I don’t have a problem with this attempt to bring more players into LS. I also miss the seasonal event schedule, but perhaps this is the beginning of restarting that.

BPC instead of item was in response to “this Event does nothing for my playstyle.” Builders and market players can get involved. I also think its ‘lol’ that huge piles of materials reduce down to an implant… game balance showing itself. Just try not to look Over There - Jedi hand-wave :slight_smile:


To me all these NPCs they have added in the last year or two are just an annoyance.

The devs have lost sight of the sandbox and seem to only be able to make “rides”.

No matter how many different colors you paint the horses it is still a Merry Go Round.

If they reverted all the code back to Sept 2018 it would be a huge game improvement IMHO. A few nice things lost, but the mass of ■■■■ gotten rid of would be worth it.


That the new sites are only in lowsec is not so big deal to me. But generally it means that this is site only for a small number of players. Most of those living in highsec will probably never try to go there, nullseccers and wormholers have enough content (and often worth more than what this sites can drop) in their system so they have no need to leave their farm lands either.

Again this would not be such a big deal but the site is also very hard, slow and annoying to do as well which to me is a killer combination. I am rather going to do ports and hubs than this…


Fairly easily farmable content will always be in high demand. They know they could have added the Conduits that will be parmanently respawning, and that they did.

I proposed something different. Reusing old content, the old event sites to join the rest of sites, a permanent addition to the game, spawning irregularly and rarely and being that thing new players are scanning and dont know what it is, actual exploration.


Problem with the Emerging conduits being permanent is that they are already being botted to hell.

At least with the different events the botters had to come up with a new one every month or so.


Thats what CCP knew, but maybe also what they wanted, like when you set a poisoned grain for a rat to lure it away from a kitchen and kill it. CCP cant say it of course. But that is a real possibility. They may even use software there to gain statistics.

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I definitely support the idea of them re-using old event content. Not sure why they stopped. The notion of making them ‘pop-up’ spawns is intriguing, but would also sidetrack one purpose of events: which is to be a special event that brings old players back, makes more people log on, gives people more chances to interact with other players because there is a higher density of ships competing for the same sites.

Judging by how CCP adjusted the payouts/rewards/event activities over time, it would seem CCP had a concern that ‘too much stuff’ was being farmed too quickly during events. Particularly accelerators.

Maybe if they re-used the old event code but altered the rewards, drop rate, whatever. The events were way more active and entertaining than what they’ve been running lately.

(Of course, somebody at CCP is probably sitting there right now thinking “Wait, old event code? Did anybody even save that stuff? Didn’t we fire those guys?”)

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I have chosen the spawn rate because it makes sites rarer, makes rewards automatically rarer and people will not be able to farm them, but will be able to have that special site, like a small special event in game, unnanounced.

I dunno. Maybe they have. We have seen the event sites being modified from event to event of the same kind, so they have been saved before in some form, to then be modified. But since then they may have removed the tools or not update them. Also would probably need to move the sites to different spawning mechanisms.

I really wonder what internal PvE creating tools they have. Last time I heard about them, they were worked on few years ago. When CCP moved from older forums to those.

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Its sort of a common mmorpg issue. Should the devs make content for a small minority of elite players in the hood it draws the casual masses, or create stuff everyone can do so the most amount of people can participate.

Or you know…just create the sandbox and let the players create the content…

Last event was about gambling and it was universally hated because of that gambling part mostly. I think… if not many people did it, they could have scrapped everything because of it. Or they had those triglavian things in work so used up all contraversial, even most ridiculous ideas on the last event.
Then moved to different model because that was plan anyway.


Low Sec was a pretty ignorant decision. Either CCP is entirely clueless or they are intentionally keeping players from wanting to log into the game. I’ll let them decide which.

They seem to be giving up imo. Emerging conduits are just slightly altered minor conduits from invasions and serve no purpose other than to be crap - you can semi-afk them in an Orca for crying out loud.
Regarding this LS ‘event’ why bother? In the time I understand it can take just do your normal thing in NS and buy the crap - if you even want it ofc.

Looking at the last 6-8 months overall it just seems to be lazy to the point of apathetic and cash-grab oriented. Not saying I have the magic answers but ffs it can’t be this pointless rubbish. If they want new players, and want them to stay, then why LS? If they want just a core of whales feeding the multiboxers then, you know, why LS?

Because lazy.

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No it wasn’t, it was a very deliberate decision. Depending on your level of tinfoil it was made to breath some life in to lowsec or feed shiny carebears to pirates.

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I miss the old events, imo that format was oriented towards all players in all security sectors of space. The special reward items from those events were only available for a limited time which made it even more worthwhile to run that content.

These new events are more like an introduction to new content being added to the game, coaxing players to log in for free SP’s, giving out free items designed for that content just to ensure players actually engage in it.

The old style events never needed any of that stuff. :no_mouth: