New events sucks, I miss the time when the events were simplier

Serious stuff. They could do something like broadcast a message through every local channel claiming that there is suspicious (angel cartel) activity within the region of jita. It could span the length of a constellation with whatever npc type CCP chooses invading the systems. The end of the event occurs when players find and destroy a game dev piloting a cap or super cap. There could be community people and devs in subcap ships as well. Let the devs stomp the players type of thing.Npcs would be subcap with the strength of level 4 npcs. This way, newbros can still take their classes down. Let loot be the equivalent of lvl 4 missions before the nerfs. They agress all and CCP simply gives a countdown until the invasion lands through local. They can make up a role-play reason. Have it occur on full moons or something. Just a mess of crap to fight. Both npcs and devs. Something like the original Sansha incursion when the boss was someone from CCP flying a capital ship in high sec. Sansha everywhere. I was a noob in a maelstrom and I was able to participate. Just don’t forget to let them have their lvl 4 bounties as well. This makes it balanced and engaging content that would seriously draw players in since it would be potentially rewarding. All sorts of shenanigans could happen. Subcap CCP fleet could be sporting faction fit modules like a pith x-type invul. Npcs would continually respawn until CCP is taken down or they choose to leave themselves. The game masters should have many minions.


Like the major and minor state mining ops gate restrictions on expedition mining ships, that’s a stinker because it’s too hard in the time frame with a venture, maybe others have done it solo but it seems more suited to group activities and the problem is finding a good group to run with is because nobody trust nobody with all the grief players awoxing others so that is why group play is often confined to such smaller player base and the group play doesn’t work in eve.


Is there a reason why this event was made unreasonably difficult? I like that it’s in low sec, but the unreasonable difficulty has deterred the vast majority of low sec pilots. If this event was intended to generate PVP content, it’s fallen very short.

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It is probably “unreasonably difficult” because CCP is trying to get people to work together, rather than solo min/max and multibox. But, that is just a guess.

IMO CCP has been trying to force players to fleet up and leave High Sec for the past Decade.

It appears the only thing they’ve accomplished with that is poor player retention and a constant drop of log-in numbers.


Well, if CCP wants to try a lowsec PVE event for once, why not? Seems harmless.

Yeah, I agree.

My point was about CCP trying to force people into playing this game a certain way.

Making an event take place in somewhere you don’t usually play does not equal to “forcing you into going there”, even less “forcing you into playing the event”.

“Poor player retention” is most likely not related to this directly.

A game that is THAT old is destined to have a poor player retention, and everyone and their mother who still play the game will always try to say “lOoK tHiS iS wHy PlAyErS QuIt” while having no clue at all about it being related or not.

Giving more incentive for players to leave the place where they are likely to leave the game after a few weeks/months because it’s objectively boring for most humans being to lead them towards places where they have a chance to actually became long term player is hardly something that goes against player retention in my book.

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Placing it lowsec is fine. I think people have an issue with the events in general not this one in particular.

I I haven’t bothered with the events in a year, because they made them tedious. Don’t remember the name of the last fun one… a couple of waves of ships with a battleship as the loot dropper at the end and others could warp to the event and steal it from you.

After that they started adding mandatory mining in the events, mandatory hacking, other stuff and made them tedious.

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Do you even read what’s actually posted? My remark wasn’t about events. It pertained to this statement from Xeux:

As for the rest of your reply:

Within the past Decade CCP has tried various different ways to force players into Fleets and leave High Sec space. Also within the past Decade both player retention and log-in numbers have steadily declined. You can see the decline in

The rest of your statement is just an opinion with no facts to back it up.

… but this very statement from Xeux is about events. And now that you’ve answered to him it’s not about events anymore?

Sure, “no facts”, except the very fact that EVERY MMO older than 10 years old has much less player retention than during it’s early years, because it is a natural process, and every player “link” a different fact to it because they believe that linking a graph showing the population decrease that doesn’t include any explanation as to WHY those players leave somehow proove their point?

Your graph show that there is less player, and… that’s it.

For all we know, I can just as much pretend that if CCP didn’t do that then the decrease would have been even greater. And since your graph show nothing else than player number, you have no way to affirm that to be wrong.

Do you realise that this graph can even be used to JUSTIFY those decisions and present them as necessary?

What do you want from me, that I go on google and copy/paste a random graph just like you for a bunch of different games because I’m speaking to the only guy on the internet who doesn’t know that an old game always end-up having a hard time retaining it’s playerbase?

Those were actually very good.

In the case of permafrost, it was actually totally farmable. I was doing 500M/h with it. I sold recently a few items, so this price should be actually much bigger than that.

Because people don’t tell when something is good. They only tell when something is bad. And indeed there was always a few critical issues in those events : loot table containing faction items, site generating enough damage on entry to destroy a small craft, bad stats of items (gas being too high volume), bad requirements in the bpcs.

And what’s more : CCP taking ages to fix, when they did.

When citadels landed, the event required to farm like 200 sites to get the required items for completing the event. That’s end 2016.

it’s not mandatory.

That’s like 80% of your posts.

That’s a meta analysis.

But that would be a waste. You can just say that his arguments are not backed by any fact. That he is over simplifying a problem, that he lacks the experience for this kind of interpretation.

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That could be, if we actually had any control on (or even knowledge about) the Data provided.

Here, we pretty much only have “Here, take this graphic with this single Data with no context, and go do your own random interpretation”.

You can take a meta analysis on a topic, and make a bad interpretation of it.

I mean, DMC is doing bad interpretations all the time, so …

I forgot to add, but yeah that would be a waste. I just meant to give you the term that represents the idea you are using. An analysis of the results of several analysis on a topic, is called “a meta analysis” (because it’s an analysis of analyzes ).

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Removed roughly half the thread as off topic. Keep it on topic and civil, cheers.


I remember when events were random, chaotic, unplanned, and had live actors - devs probably - and we had nothing to gain from them save for being an actual part of Eve lore.
Many of us lost ships, and time.
What I regret is that it’s as if - as if because it seems like it but I never saw direct evidence - CCP listed to the “Hurr durr I hate this I’m trying to run a mission and then this thing happens and local lagged!!! I made .001 less ISK that day! CCPlease stop hating my playstyle!”
Now we get canned and pre-planned events that amount to only one thing: yes, more farming!
Big facking deal.
In one live event, I was just moving a ship which was going to take maybe 10 minutes, then blue text in local, some commander chasing Sansha ships through the system. Dropped everything and followed, ended up in a random and growing fleet. Eventually on grid with a violent wormhole, more nightmares than a married men convention on grid, and a Revenant. My hands were shacking. Three hours passed.
Ah the days of FCORD…

“Hurf blurf LOL Eve lore! Does not put ISK in the wallet. or increase muh stats!! LOL! Losers!”

… and those people won the argument. The point was driven home when in the last actual live event, the fleet was led right into a gate camp. That really drove the point home. Now “Eve” is like a girlfriend that got fat on purpose.


I’m agreeing 100% with something you posted, and now I feel dirty…



in your opinion … i know some guys the found a corp and active go for that stuff
i enjoy FOB killing … only in our area but yea its funny from time to time …

you say that CCP numbers are wrong? you have the right numbers? really?

let me guess … you think you was one of them?

now thats your point … it should be easy AND should give billions

you dont need to run this stuff …

look … FOBs are not a “event” … its normal PVE content … nothing more
resource wars … normal PVE stuff …
Neutral mining fleets … PVE stuff …

Triglavian invasion is PVE stuff to … it started as a event but will be part of EVE for a longer time …

i know the events you mean … it was funny to run this sites with 20 others in the same site … looking how gets the price but it was boring stuff … many didnt run it … noobs were happy to do them … somethimes you got really nice stuff … the Rogue Drone Event with skill boosters … Purity of the Thrones … such stuff

would be cool to have such a event from time to time … but i like the new stuff … its hard … you need to think … it has different spawns … yea its good


What would be really interesting is to create Event Driven Environments in the game.

For example you have a new race that has been discovered and after X number of missions of X type the new race would become that predominant mission type. A variable would exist that would allow mission runners who brought the new material would still be able to haul for the new race while the remaining number of Capsuleers would be hostile to the new race for engaging in hostile acts towards the new race.

Thus a completely new variable for all types of game play that would determine the new races overall mentality and structure.

Now compare that with Emerging Conduiíts, pretty much everyone is doing those stupid sites. I never said nobody is doing it, only that vast minority.

But okay. Now if I check killboard it seems there are abou 5 Blood Raider ones killed each day on average. About 10 different player/corporations. Also few kills solo or with 2-3 ships. I thought CCP fixed those exploits to kill them solo guess I was wrong.

The main issue with this content is that it requires either dozen of players forming a fleet or very specific and bling ship and knowledge about how to exploit the spawns/reinforcements/etc. For example when it began there were plenty of players who figured this out on SISI and then ran them solo or duo multiboxing. So I formed a team with a friend that we try to do it in two also. We bought blingy Nestors and died instantly with no chance to even run. Scrammed, neuted, dps more than our RR could handle. And we learn nothing about the site, how to beat it only that if we brought more pilots the actual spawns from FOB were even bigger.

It seems everyone understand what I meant, but specifically for you. Online player count contains all accounts logged it, not IP addresses or unique emails tied with the accounts. So the actual player count is much lower than what it shows. I never said it is X or Y. Only that CCP is not calculating actual players but all accounts. There is a difference.

Oh yes I was doing it in Solitude. No competition easy farming, made tons of ISK from those events. And I say that this is what was wrong about those events. So what is your point?

No, it does not need to give bilions, you might miss my comments about EC if you think I am krab who just wants to farm easy money in highsec. But yes they should be easier so even new players and or those in Alpha can do it. More ppls doing it means more content overal for everyone else - thiefs, suspect baiters, gankers. How much PvP brought the new lowsec only hard-as-■■■■ event?

And I don’t as vast majority of players. What I say is that if there are only ~5 players doing it ever what is the point of even having it at all?

5 is imaginary number of course but I would be really interested who actually does resource wars or neutral mining fleets. It would be nice if CCP gave us some stats about this matter, knowing them however… you know…