Terrible year in terms of event content

Granted, there was a “major” (if you can call it that) update this year in terms of Eve as a “whole”, but one of the things that kind of brought Eve back was to include fun events, like Quafe Grand Prix etc., which has been going on for some years.
This year? Nothing. Just some boring Shadowcaster Event and some other confusing crap not even worth bothering.
Oh well, it is how it is I guess.

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Yeah, the Shadowcaster event probably played out differently than players and CCP expected. But we also got the 20th anniversary event. Personally I’m fine with it, I liked the last chapter of the shadow war, because it was the perfect combination for me (industry + market + Pochven) and super profitable. But I also missed the egg hunt. Let’s see what conclusions CCP draws out of it …

The curious choice was between new content, or events. Even though the events are already coded and simply need to be triggered to run (for the most part), CCP couldn’t fit them in.

That leads to a somewhat stark vision of the future of EVE: You can have “new content” that appeals to perhaps 10-20% of the player base, or you can have events that everyone can participate in.

But not both.


I liked the 20th anniversary event. It was quite profitable for active high-skilled players, afk-dronefarmers / bots had a really hard time because the AI they used hated drones and the NPCs applied pretty well on them. (really, they should use this AI for all PvE content).
But also Newbies could participate in cheap T1 cruisers if they formed a group. Some of our trainees made nice cash in simple Mallers, NavyAugorors or NavyCaracals when they did run these sites, often supported by a Vet in a T3 or HAC. The skins, boosters and cerebral accelerators felt rewarding especially for newer players.

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No idea about the scripted events, but I liked the recent ‘bring down the TTT’ event.

No boring game-defined tasks, just a game balance change (no more XL structures anchored in HS) that triggered a true sandbox-style player-ran event.


I have zero interest in scripted events and NPC drama. PvE sucks. I think its a bad replacement attempt for the player driven content thats been stripped away, Like so because they ruined real war and players chances to take and hold power… im supposed to care about the gallente and the caldari now? lol


The empires could squash all of us capsuleers if they wanted to just saying. Just keep that in mind.

Real war? Our NS wars are a JOKE compared to what the empires can do when they are determined. Sansha’s nation is a great example of this. The empires industrial strength far outnumbers what we capsuleers can do. I just keep this in mind when playing EVE. It humbles me personally.


I play since beta
This is the worst year since the start of the game.
Each 2 days we have a 500mo patch, I (we ?) absolutly don’t care … for no gain.

  • ridiculous content and event.
  • client memory leak, start memory usage + 500mo … for that
  • fw upgrade, there are so many people in fw we can afford to stop 2 mutual empire wars, what a joke

CCP … when i am back to home … I want to play eve online … not patch online.
Annoyed by your repetitive patches … I simply close the game.
Maybe there’s something to do with the fact that I’m less and less ingame.


wtf you think this is? A roleplay thread? You are in the wrong section. This reminds me a conversation I had with the senor dev in a different game right after he decided that roleplay was the determining factor in the game and pvp was a side effect. 50% of the population quit shortly after and now the game is down to less than 100 carebears left behind who maintain the server for free.
Im not a roleplayer so plz dont link my name again. We will have no further dialog.

I can’t think of anything more boring than scripted PvE ‘events’. The true ‘content’ in Eve is, and always has been, PvP…and that is something the players create themselves. I couldn’t care less how make-believe roleplay scripted empires are doing. It’s not what I join a sandbox MMO for.


I’m just happy that they aren’t running the login campaigns 90% of the time anymore. No more having to grind redeeming reward queues for my accounts and getting burned out for the day by the time I’m done. Can just log in and play.

Anniversary, Christmas/winter holidays, and maybe one or two additional smaller special events sprinkled throughout the year is the perfect balance. Put the rewards like skins into in-game events, and allow players to actually sell them on the market instead.


Speaking of which, one of the most annoying things in the game is having a list of skins in Personalization, and finding that none of those skins listed are available…anywhere. The entire skins system is one of the daftest things in the game…like anyone actually wants to pay 500m ISK ( yup, this one exists ) for a frikin Sunesis skin. Crazy system that I have all but given up on.


Because most of the skins are one-offs from limited-time events. I agree, this is pretty stupid. CCP isn’t utilizing their skin system like other game companies do, and as a result, probably not making nearly as much money from it as they could be.


players ruined player generated content. Nothing else.

CCP is just changing EVE to the gamer of 2023. The gamer of @Icarius time is NOTHING like the gamer of 2023.

Games are just different these days. Noone to blame but us and what we accept as a community.

Citation needed.

Everything is centered around the empires and whether you like it or not. Remember the next time you shop at Jita. Pretty much everything flows/flowed through Jita at one point. Ore, LSIs, Plex, Ammo, Abyssal filaments, high tech ships, and so much more.

I link who I please and call out who I please.


Have to agree with the sentiment on frequent, unprompted downloads for patches. Especially when the patch notes are a single bullet point to fix a typo or something. I know there’s lots of undocumented changes that never make it to the patch notes but it’s really inconvenient when I’m travelling on limited data if I just want to check my market orders or restart collectors and I see my monthly data allowance slurped up in seconds without any kind of forewarning. Can’t it wait until Tuesday?

Edit: May be unrelated and I can’t find any other recent mentions but I just had my 4’th BSOD on undock for the week after previously being stable for over a year.


20 years event was ok.

a lot of people giving an earful about scripted NPC events etc, about that being trash and how pvp is better, erm guys, you do know that those events produce a crap load of pvp, right? Anomalies, locations, people having to adapt to tactics to prevent pvp-oriented players from killing them or hindering them doing those events, etc., and more importantly, you have localized specific areas often that light up like a christmas tree in terms of “here’s where we are, come kill us !!”, so I think many here do not really understand the true concept of pvp, because the pvp around NPC-events is often time way better, than the laggy ti-di ctrl-click “pvp”, so let’s just get that straight please.

We are now going to consider scripted events a good enough replacement for players driven pvp content? That’s about as ridiculous as the role player thinking npc wars are a good enough replacement for player driven non scripted war. Isn’t it bad enough that real war and real pvp have been destroyed by WAR hqs dictating who wins before the war even starts… now we gotta settle for bare bone scraps tossed to us by ccps drive to monetize?

If they no longer exist in any market then they should be removed from the list…rather than CCP giving a totally bogus impression that’s there’s loads of skins available. And most people simply can’t be bothered searching through 25 skins on Eve Marketeer to find one Sunesis skin selling for 500m ISK.

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