Left out once again

Once again another event rolls around that increases loot drops for player killers. A 40% increase no less.

What about all the other play styles?

When has New Eden ever saw a 40% reduction in mining cycles or a 40% increase to mining yield or a 40% increase to missions bounties or a 40% increase from NPC drops or a 40% reduction in material for manufacturing!?

That is right, NEVER! It is about time CCP understands there are more then player killers playing EVE.


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Give me stuff
Keep taking half their stuff
Do NOT take any less than half their stuff

Goodie another complaint thread! Let’s complain about events CCP has been doing for years now!

I’ll heat up the popcorn lads! :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: I got fine wine :wine_glass: and good cigars for everyone to sit and chill in this thread. :wine_glass: :popcorn: :smoking: :champagne: :champagne:

Oh, OP is long gone by now he won’t read or reply to my post or anyone else’s in this thread.

EDIT: Gotta cover my bases. If OP DOES reply, he is not serious and is trolling.

I wonder if it can be flagged as spam tbh. Happens every month.

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Get an Expedition Mining Frigate, it has 300% mining yield bonus :smiley:

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