Yoiul Festival YC122 with no mining challange?!

Hello CCP,

I try to earn points in this Yoiul Festival YC122, I am stuck with only exploration or combat challange, no mining challange on all my char. Isnt it for everyone, is it? Only thing I can do is Yoiul chilling spree. Tell me CCP how I can manage and get more points now with my procurer ?? I am a miner/industrial, cant scan or use bs or bc…

:confused: :worried:

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Well, you can try posting about it in the feeback thread. But, this isn’t the first time they done this. Thus, at this point, I can only assume that it’s a matter of intention, and not oversight. Perhaps it pushes players to step outside of the comfort zone and try new things. IDK.

I think the event is evenly split between the four activities, from what I was seeing in the Agency - but I could have misunderstood that. It looked like 4 activities with 3 stages each, and as you finish a stage it rolls in a next step - I haven’t done enough to tel if it always exhaust the original activity’s stages before doubling up (for example, mining 1 then mining 2 etc until it is out of mining, at which point it grabs combat 2 due to lack of options), or if it randomly picks from what is left to be done.

CCP diktates how you should play ?? Really ???

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That’s not at all what I meant. Now, I can only speculate about the specifics, but I do know that many MMO’s will try to incentivize group play/joining a group because their metrics show that doing so is correlated with player retention. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP intentionally did things like try to encourage players to try other things than mining (it was the most extracted skill a year after skill injectors came out, so it seems that a lot of players are getting funneled into an activity that they don’t particularly care for).

In summation, it’s more of nudging players towards certain things, rather than dictating how they must play.

Well, unless you’re an AFK’er. Those guys might be boned.

They definitely don’t dictate how we should play, it’s a sandbox game and you’re not forced to participate in any activity.

CCP may encourage you though, with these events, to do new things.


Encourage or not, if you didnt know Eve Online is an open sandbox, like do what ever you like, or do I have it wrong ?? Sound like dictatorship to me, that I want to mine and ccp dont let me mining. But I know why all this dogma of nerfing mining.

Yeah let blow stuff and let other get it harder rebuild it !!!

Sounds like more suicide to me, for the game…

Encourage is like pointing fingers and telling you should play different…

CCP is happy to make people online disappointed

I think CCP stand for “Complete Cerebral Pares”

You are totally free to mine, even mine at event sites, literally any time you want. It may not be part of your optional extra credit options though.

That said, I don’t agree with how things are either. But lets not go overboard here. You can mine all you like…until someone ganks you.

WTF do you mean “an AFKer” ? Seems you are one of this nerf troll fukktards, trolling on forums,…

Johnny Broden you should post nicer until you learn how to understand English better. Please take some English lessons.

Ridley was not saying he would gank you. He was making an off-hand remark about players who exist and may interfere with the gameplay of miners. As he said: you can mine all you want. This is true. He also said: ‘until someone ganks you’ - also true, as someone ganking you will interrupt your mining.

An observation about EVE isn’t a declaration of intent to attack you. Take a breather and stop assuming everyone is against you. Ridley and Shipwreck Jones have both provided information - not accusations or confrontational comments.

Dude, chill out. First, you’re blowing up at everything. And second, some of your anger seems to stem from communication errors. I’m not sure if english is your second language or not, but you do seem to be misinterpreting certain statements, and then getting really angry over them.

By the way, my comment about AFK’ers was a reference to CCP’s stated intent to move away from “low-attention” gameplay. I would assume this to include all the players who afk rat, mine, and plex. However, I’m not sure about afk cloaky camping, as CCP has seemed like they didn’t want to change that in the past. So, I don’t know if they have changed their stance on that or not.

When I have blow a battleship in two slots and open 3 vaults in a third and open 8 in a fourth. Then I suspect this by-passed QA. Or is it an undocumented feature. Or some form of coal in the socking?

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