The (2) Yoiul Festival Challenges

(Rocmon en Thielles) #1

I noticed for this event the challenges have been whittled down to only 2 challenges per day, and to make it worse, it seems that you have just a luck of the draw as to which ones you get.

I have one char that has gotten both drone missions since the start of the event every day. Another char seems cursed with a mining mission… again… every day. Even completing a mining challenge dosent seem to have any effect on a possibility of a different challenge the next day.

Im not a miner, and dont want to be one. CCP some flexibility here would be great.

Perhaps a way to alter a given challenge to more fit that players play style and available gear. Im sure miners would prefer mining missions for example.

(Takari) #2

Yes please, I’m never going to mine however much ore. Just never. Some other poor sap is out there wondering why he would want to hunt down umpteen drones in his Retriever…

(Agondray) #3

the agency only shows it when you open up, you always get the sites and mining, but the mining event changes every lvl starting with any ore and it narrows it down.

ie lvl 1 is 100k of any ore
lvl 2 they cut scordite and veldspare out but also request you to mine less

(Shallanna Yassavi) #4

Two of my toons have the mining mission which won’t go away. This one can fly exhumers and use most of the tech 2 crystals, but the other one has… Mining Frigate I. Yeah.

The toon which got the kill quests has most of her skills in science and industry, and her only tech 2 hulls are the transports. Not a lot of data, but my more paranoid side says the game is trying to get me to buy skill injectors.

(Lil' Brudder Too) #5

Totally this…my brother keeps getting the kill drones, and i keep getting complete sites…he easily finishes his ‘kill’ task inside of like two sites…but i’m sitting there going…well now i need 4 more sites…oh now 6 more, and 8 more…oh now i need another 16 for the next level…every day the same two, mining and site completions *facepalm

(Chan'aar) #6

Yup same here one character stuck with the mining missions and no mining skills.

Paging @CCP_Dragon

Maybe he can kick things over for us (after the holidays of course)

(Sarina Aideron) #7

I am also stuck.

Downtime doesnt reset it properly, it gets stuck again after a single rogue drone site.

To sum up: This year’s Christmas “gift” was a buggy grind event.

I want the old CCP back :frowning:
They gave us useful stuff for Christmas.

edit: Huh. I just had to restart client because of a classic socket closed error and now i have a new task: Complete 2 rogue drone sites. So … restarting the client gives you new tasks?

(Orren Grund) #8

Probably because you had an error. I’ve restarted the client several times (stuff to do, places to be) and it’s still the same tasks for my characters. The old one who could do everything has only received the drone kills and sites tasks, the fresh alt is stuck with drone sites and mining since the start of the event. Ofc, with the limited drone/ship/weapon skills it has the mining is the safer and more boring option in any case.

There might be some sort of mechanism determining who gets which tasks.

(Ja'vi O'Mal) #9

I’m suffering similarly. My main got this done in no time with 2 combat missions, but both my alts – neither of which are miners – keep getting stuck with mining. I suffered through the first 2 levels of mining on both alts, hoping I’d get a pair of combat the next day. Nope. No bloody way I’m spending another 2 hours in a frigate to get 20 points when I can get 10x that with combat missions. Very very frustrating.

(system) #10

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