Skill Events, Daily Logins and Challenges could be better and here's how!


I’m enjoying the sentiment behind the skill point events but they aren’t very rewarding at all in terms of actually achieving something. It’s either login and get stuff or kill a handful of rats then you’re done.

I think CCP could do better. If I may make a suggestion. Have whoever’s responsible have a look at a game called Raid: Shadow Legends it’s a mobile game. Specifically have them look at the way they do challenges, missions and quests. Please note i’m not talking about game play but mechanics designed to keep players engaged.

Most specifically the quests.

Basically there are daily tasks that when completed give minor rewards. When all tasks are completed they give a slightly better reward. Then there are weekly tasks that are slightly harder and required that daily tasks are completed 7 times. When these are completed they give a moderate reward. Finally there are monthly tasks that are fairly difficult to achieve and require that daily tasks are completed 30 times to collect the final prize.

The important part to making the system achievable is that the weekly and monthly tasks don’t reset until the final reward is collected. Dailies are the only ones that reset every day. This allows people to skip days when they don’t have the time to login but encourages them to login when able instead of bothering with another game.

How can this be applied to EVE?
I would imagine it something like this.

PLEASE NOTE : These numbers used for rewards and the like are by no means meant to be taken as final. I would assume CCP would do a review and see how they would balance out vs the various aspects of the economy they would effect.

Daily Tasks Completed = 500 LP

  • Join a Fleet = 200 LP
  • Kill 25 Npc’s or Mine 10,000m3 Ore = 100 LP
  • Say Hello in any chat channel = 100 LP
  • Complete an anomaly, filament, mission, deadspace or strip a roid = 100 LP

All Weekly Tasks Completed = 50,000 Skill Points

  • Receive 7 Daily Tasks Completed Rewards = 3500 LP
  • Form a Fleet = 500 LP
  • Destroy 200 Npc’s or Mine 160,000m3 Ore = 2000 LP
  • Make a post on the forums = 1000 LP
  • Complete an anomaly, filament, mission, deadspace or strip a roid 50 times = 5000 LP

All Monthly Tasks Completed Reward = 250,000 Skill points

  • Receive 30 Daily Tasks Completed Rewards = 15,000 LP
  • Form / Join a fleet 30 times over 14+ days*** = 5000 LP
  • Destroy 1000 Npc’s or Mine 800,000m3 Ore = 10,000 LP
  • Post on the Forums 4 times = 4000 LP
  • Complete 1 of any of the following : World Ark, 10/10 DED, Forward Base, Mothership, Ghost Site, Sleeper Cache sites OR Complete an anomaly, filament, mission, deadspace or strip a roid 300 times. = 5000 LP

*** The fleet Join/Form reward should only be counted once or twice a day so that people can’t just create 30 fleets in one day and it count as a monthly task.

Total LP Earned in a Month if someone logged in every day and completed everything = 117,000 LP’s

Another Set of PVP based Challenges would be nice as well. Something along these lines I think would be fun. Again they should not reset until the final reward is claimed.

Weekly Challenges Completed Reward = 1000 LP

  • Destroy 25 Player Ships = 1000 LP
  • Destroy 250 Million isk worth of player ships = 1000 LP
  • Claim 1 Solo Kill = 1000 LP

Monthly Challenges Completed Reward = 10,000 LP

  • Destroy 100 Player Ships = 4000 LP
  • Destroy 1 Billion isk worth of player ships = 4000 LP
  • Claim 5 Solo Kills = 4000 LP

Total LP Earned in a Month with PVP challenges would be = 38,000 LP’s

Meaning that combined with someone who did both daily tasks and pvp they could earn a combined maximum of 155,000 LP’s and 300,000 Skill Points per month.

The Loyalty Points earned would be for a new NPC Corporation Shop where the rewards are things like :

Concord & Jovian ship BPC’s, Skill Accelerators and Ship Skins that are no longer available on the New Eden Store such as some of the original skins that were released or even better when skins that aren’t tied to specific events in game are taken off the New Eden store add them to the lp store where players can then earn them through in game activity.

The actual costs of the bpc’s, accelarators and skins I would leave up to CCP but with a player maxing out at 155,000 lp per month and considering most people would not reach this number I think that it could be worked out fairly in a matter that wouldn’t overly adversely affect the markets or recruitment rewards for people using their friend invite links.

I also imagine that this system could be tied into the Activity Tracker nicely by breaking it down into Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Total tallies.

Please keep criticism constructive.

The goal of this post is to make the daily logins and skill point like events more integrated into the game and fun rather than a one off event while having the added benefit of helping give new players goals and hopefully motivating existing players to login and do things.

Sounds like absolute cancer, tbh.

Maybe if you’re some unemployed college kid who has hours upon hours in a day to game the system while in their major nullsec alliance, completing pvp challenges with alts and cheap insurance fraud freighters while under the protection of their nullsec umbrellas.

Multiboxing Gila/Myrm/Dominix players would also clear out dozens of these challenges and gain even more benefits from their multiboxing. They log in with their alts, join a krabbing fleet, then just spin afk for hours at a time. More benefit to those who can no-life EVE.

But for everyone else who has a life outside of EVE Online, this is just ass.

This is just code for “if you don’t agree with me, I’m gonna call you a troll.”

Throughout your proposal you refer to LP, though what this event is about is SP.

Also, when I see these posts that boil down to ‘hey, make Eve more like game X’ I just cant help but think why don’t you play that game instead…

No. The reward for PvE activity is the ISK it provides, there is no reason to add bonus SP rewards just for doing something you’re going to do anyway.

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Congrats you said nothing of value.

It isn’t about making the game more like the game i mentioned. It’s a game mechanic used to give players objectives and things to do when they might not know what else to do.

This event currently is about SP but having a framework in place that instills the overall goal of the event aka getting people to log in and do stuff would be good and the current login and get stuff then kill a single thing is lacking.

There is no reason not to. Also there is plenty there that people would elect not to do. Many people do not pvp or do all the things listed regularly. The goal is to give people incentive to do more. Such as fleeting up or to reward people for playing the game regularly.

I should mention that the objectives listed are not necessarily the ones that CCP should use. It is more the framework that it provides that could be useful to help retain new players and incentivize current players to choose eve over other games.

It could have just as easily looked like this :

Daily Tasks Completed = [Reward]

  • Task 01 = [Reward]
  • Task 02 = [Reward]
  • Task 03 = [Reward]
  • Task 04 = [Reward]

All Weekly Tasks Completed = [Reward]

  • Task 01 = [Reward]
  • Task 02 = [Reward]
  • Task 03 = [Reward]
  • Task 04 = [Reward]

All Monthly Tasks Completed Reward = [Reward]

  • Task 01 = [Reward]
  • Task 02 = [Reward]
  • Task 03 = [Reward]
  • Task 04 = [Reward]

Again it is the framework or mechanic that is important. The Tasks and rewards could be reworked however CCP saw fit. I just thought it might be useful to fill in examples.

It is often said that Eve is a slow game with a lot of waiting involved. Having something like this makes the game more rewarding for people by breaking things into smaller chunks or steps they can achieve while working towards a larger goal or while trying to figure out what that larger goal is supposed to be. The framework can be used to guide players into larger more difficult things to do while rewarding their success with smaller events that ultimately lead to the final goal.

For example a new player could have it show up for the first time as :

Rookie Tasks Completed = 50,000 SP’s

  • Finish Basic Tutorial = 10,000 SP’s
  • Finish Advanced Tutorial Agents = 10,000 SP’s
  • Begin Blood Stained Stars Epic Arc = 10,000 SP’s
  • Complete Blood Stained Stars = 50,000 SP’s

Week 01 - The Dawn of EVE = 100,000 Sp’s

  • Reach lvl 2 with any Mission Agent = 50,000 Sp’s
  • Run 10 combat Anomalies = 25,000 Sp’s
  • Scan 5 Relic/Data Sites = 50,000 Sp’s
  • Scan 3 Wormholes = 25,000 Sp’s

Getting Good = 100,000 SP’s

  • Reach lvl 4 with any mission agent = 75,000 Sp’s
  • Complete a Emerging Conduit = 75,000 Sp’s
  • Get a kill or get killed in Low sec = 75,000 Sp’s
  • Get in on kill mail valued over 100 Million isk = 75,000 Sp’s

Again these are ONLY EXAMPLES meant to demonstrate how this framework could be used to help newer players, give people who are looking for something new to do or reward people for logging in and doing more of what they already enjoy.

It could easily be iterated upon as well by offering a variety of templates to choose from. That is to say there could be a set of these for teaching someone how to get started with scanning, what to shoot for in the intermediate phase of mastering the tasks involved and then the final end game sites for scanning. All over the period of 30 days. If there were 12 Templates to choose from that would be a year’s worth of content to go through potentially.

The same could be used for missions, incursions, invasions, mining, industry, pvp and anything else really.

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