Skills for kills event

Much better then poping a few rats.
I hope there is some minimum value and no avoxing stuff to avoid people getting this without actually fighting another player.

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For me playing EVE is PVE all the way, thus the latest event coming up looks like it will discriminate against me and other players that are only PVE players by giving those that PVP extra skill points.

While when it is a PVE event (kill this amount of NPC’s or mine this amount of ore) the PVP players can join in but when it is kill this amount of player ships we PVE’s cant unless we turn to the darkside and PVP.

Shame on CCP for discriminating against us the PVE player. now let the trolling start.


I’d guess you will get points for being shot at as well - in wich case ill be happy to help you participate :slight_smile:


I like that they’re branching out to other types of gameplay for these dailies - though I sort of agree with @Alfried_Patrouette. I really hope the PVP events don’t reward more SP than the PVE events, and I hope the skilling sprees are not exclusively PVP from now on.

I really think a great way forward would be to allow us to choose 1 of several challenges to complete for the SP - PVP, PVE, and maybe other things like mining and hacking could be added.


Why that?
If they did it right it will be much more effort then merely shooting a few rats so it wouldn’t be unfair to give a biger reward.

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Form a n00b fleet and blow each other up. Sorted


We’ll have to wait and see, but I can’t imagine a way they could have implemented this that adds enough risk to warrant higher rewards - especially since this will just be easily gamed by players to get the SP.


Cue the carebears whining about how CCP only makes most things favor them rather than making everything favor them.

Allow me to play a song on the world’s smallest violin.


Yes remains to be seen - if i can simply undock my alt in a Velator i would not appove. But PVP people also have to go somewhat out of their way to get those points. You don’t want to bring the damage type ratters are dicktanked against and hold back your fleet while wasting time shooting rats so it’s actually quite inconvenient…

I can see the position of some people who feel “this excludes PvE only players”. It’s a little disappointing to see other people benefiting from something you don’t want to participate in.

Personally, even though I don’t PvP, I think this is a great experiment for CCP to try. Regardless of whether we individually choose to participate in it or not, PvP is the core driver of activity in EVE. Without PvP (and actual destruction) all the other activity becomes relatively meaningless. The potential for PvP is what adds the ‘edge’ to every other activity in EVE, even if we’re specifically avoiding PvP while we do other things.

Sure, this will be gamed, exploited, cheaply abused. I think the experiment is worth that price, especially if they monitor how it gets used and adjust it for the future. In the meantime, it gives everyone that little extra incentive and reward for trying out PvP that just might get more people to try it, find it interesting and less scary than they thought, and stick with it.

I also think some of the more creative and active people in the game will likely just set up major “Free for all brawl” events where you just show up in a cheap frigate, set your home station to local and just meet at some location for general mayhem.

Hopefully CCP has put some sensible boundaries on the event, so for instance you can’t just kill the same player over and over again, or you get a chance for completion with each kill you ‘take part in’ (so people who are in larger battles but aren’t landing the ‘killing shot’ or dealing the most damage can eventually complete).

I think maybe corvettes and pods should be excluded from counting as kills (although if you can kill something while in your 'vette, that should likely count). Still, the first run should likely be set up to be inclusive and fun, and after they get more data and feedback they can decide how to effectively limit it.


Time for some suicide ganking i guess XDD


Yup, very easily.

Just log in some alts in cheap ships, do a couple of quick shots, collect extra SP’s and pad the KM all at the same time.

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I think this could be a positive step in the right direction.

Im more concerned that SP = XP becomes a standard rather than an exception.

Given how close these “events” are getting too.

Still “thinking of the noobs”, the poor deers do need a wee SP boost now and again.


THANK YOU CCP for having this for PVP in a PVP game.

For those that say it discriminates against PVE players - all the previous ones were PVE related and discriminated against PVPers. I didn’t participate in them because I can’t be bothered to shoot at rats as I shoot at people.


This event is terribly abusable. Just make an alpha clone give him an insured frigate and kill away, then biomass the alt.
The easy way to bypass alpha clone restriction is killing your friend’s alt in exchange for him killing your alt.

Then having an insured empty frigate as a ship to be blown allows near zero ISK cost.

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Oh noez… still for the “abusers” that takes way more effort for a paltry amount of SP than killing 1 frigate rat.

Also this destruction caused by “abusers” helps the economy as opposed killing rats to add more isk to the economy.

Sure it will be cheesed. Not sure if I can call it an ‘exploit’ or ‘abuse’, since it will be working as intended under all the listed/proposed ‘abuses’.

The current skilling spree event can be completed by shooting some worthless rats in 1.0 space, or running a level 1 mission or even Career agent missions, over and over again. I don’t hear anybody crying ‘abuse and exploit!’ over that.

People farming alts are paying for multiple Omegas. People trading kills are being social. People setting up free for all brawls are promoting community.

Honestly, who cares? PvP is good for the game, it’s an easy way to get people to do it more, and it’s not like the endless rounds of accelerators, injectors, Free Skill giveaways and events haven’t made SP giveaways routine anyway.

If you don’t want to take part, don’t. Just like people do now with Skilling Sprees. If you do want to take part, figure out someone you can kill. Every player can do it, and quite cheaply. Some will choose not to. That’s what sandboxing is all about.


Does ganking ventures in High-sec count for this event?
And what about Ibis’s?


I thought that was PVE.

It just says player ships.