Skilling is Just a Means of Communication and non-aggressive playstyles

The upcoming Skilling is Just a Means of Communication event will be providing skill points as a reward for PvP kills. This seemingly presents a conundrum for a certain slice of players (or characters) who do not generally, or ever, willingly engage in PvP combat.

While on the surface, it appears to be a slam-dunk of an event, it has the potential to leave a good group of the characters in the cold. Since the rules regarding receiving credit and being awarded the skill points have not yet been made public, I would suggest that these playstyles be taken into account.

The scenario impacting me directly is the membership of my main character in Signal Cartel, a well-known group of players who have adopted a credo of community service and non-aggression. This means that characters bearing the Signal Cartel tag are barred from intentionally, through action or inaction, creating a PvP combat scenario. Once a Signaleer has been engaged, while in the course of their regular activities, if they truly did not intentionally allow the combat scenario to emerge, then returning fire is considered appropriate, and is not restricted, until such time as there is no longer an immediate threat.

Obviously, this could potentially prevent characters in this corporation from taking part in this event, but in this case, the rules may allow for that to not be true. Signaleers are not barred from engaging in PvP combat internally within the corporation. Therefore, as long as in-corp kills are valid for credit, this will absolutely not create an issue for this group. However, other groups may have other characteristics, we may simply be referring to a group of players that consists a demographic not bounded by a corporation, a group of players that will choose for other reasons some other non-aggressive form of gameplay, and there may be ways within the event credit system to accommodate these playstyles as well.

In short, I am hoping that this event not only provides vitality to PvP combat throughout the game, but also considers those who may not be the primary beneficiaries of such gameplay.

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Yeah and what do I get for choosing not to do something?



There might be groups of players that intentionally do not use alts (for a discount on Omega for alts), there might be groups that intentionally don’t do PvE (for skilling spree), there might be groups that intentionally do not live in Korea (for free Korean bronze pack), and et cetera.


It’s not like non PvP orientated players haven’t had ample opportunity to take part in the many SP giveaways that don’t involve killing other players…


It is a fair argument, but if we are going to embrace the idea of every playstyle being supported by the Event system (which I would argue should be a goal), than we have to accept that some are not going to be tailored to fit every play-style’s restriction.

Once these systems are proven out individually, I would hope that the next stage would be to combine them to have multiple different methods of engagement at any given time.

In addition, this system is extremely easily gamed. I could see a group like Signal Cartel authorizing the use of an alt corp for the express purpose of allowing you to kill your alt for credit. However, I admit I am mostly spitballing.


Get over it. You get plenty of PVE events which for a certain slice of players who don’t generally engage in PVE are useless.

There should be PVP events in this PVP game.


PvP is not only pointing your guns on ship of other player.

Second you popup in local or do something even if you are offline (market orders, industry etc.) is part of interaction with other players.

For the event itself. undock in trade hub, ask people to come up with cheap ships to farm SP. Same thing was with snowballs. Probable if you eject from own ship and kill it. You still will get kill since it will generate kill mail.

Ps. RolePlaying is your decision on how you wan’t to play. It’s not wrong development.


That’s your problem, not CCP’s.


PvP is not generally my thing but there have been plenty of PvE events for SP. Too many if u ask me. It would have been interesting if this event also gave some sp to the victim as well haha.

So just ignore, I’m sure another PvE event will be just around the corner.

Actually I had been thinking that rather than give away sp CCP should instead accerlerate training for a few days whenever a toon reaches a playstyle level on the activity tracker. This would benefit new players much more and encourage them to try all the things™.

But its too late now, everyone thinks they are entitled to sp :frowning:


Since it is a PvP game, the solution is simple, leave.

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Since it seems like PvE players are all entitled pieces of trash. Here’s a new flash:

We JUST had a PvE skilling spree event.


Now it’s a turn for the PvP players to get their event.


That’s a pretty big brush that you’re painting PvE players with, not all share the carebear mantra.


Depends on the long term content of thos forever giving free sp event. Production based sp? PI based sp? What about trade? Spinning in station?

I think the obvois better way to do this stuff is a pool of activities and a random reward amount. Do the stuff get the sp… Maybe just have activity tracker hit a rank to get so one time per day any activity.

Or you know…go back to sp from time or sold after removing from a character only…I mean at this point why not just level me up and award xp…

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If people self-identify as a PvE player, then they’re trash, simple as that.
I don’t know why people would WANT to identify themselves as trash, but that’s their prerogative.

If they identify as a carebear, yes. However there are plenty of PVE only/primarily players like Jonah and Jenn that have no issue with the pvp nature of the game and support it completely.

There’s nothing trash about that.

Carebears are trash and there’s a difference.


I am a PvE player, how I play defines that. However, I am not a carebear as I accept the game as it is, warts and all; most importantly I accept that PvP can and will happen so I plan around it.

I don’t know why people would WANT to identify themselves as trash, but that’s their prerogative.

My PvP isn’t shooting people in the face, it’s profiting from those that do the shooting and those that get shot. I don’t identify as trash, I identify as a PvE player that understands the nature of the game.

Carebears are trash because they cannot do this, instead they whine on the forums and demand that the game change so that they can farm without risk.


Like I said, it’s your prerogative.
I won’t stop you two from identifying that way.

Like I said, that’s a mighty big brush that you’re painting with. Big brushes may cover a lot of ground but they’re inherently inaccurate at details.


Given the quality of players I’ve seen on here in the last year and a half, I don’t see that as a problem.

And the pve events that did nothing for pvp only players?

Keep in mind as well that eve is a pvp game…

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