Way to go CCP

Would just like to say a big thankyou to CCP for royally making a new player to the game a complete waste of time.
This wacky idea of pvp for skill points is effectively making this game pointless for new players for at least a few weeks.
As a new player starting with very little in the way of isk and ship skills or abilities we are effectively cannon fodder for players with better equipment and stats. really smart way to encourage new players into the game!!!
Also what if you have no interest in pvp but prefer industry or exploration? Again stuck in a base for a month or risk loosing cargo everytime you leave the station.
Mining appears to have been destroyed with the latest patches. So what IS CCP’s ideas ?
from a new player point of view I see it as this
Lets get as much cash as we can from new players by making it a pointless game to play while this pvp points is on and make the entire game a shoot em up game with a pay to win attitude
Way to go CCP way to go!!

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Is this because you cannot afford a catalyst yet? Not to worry, with careful target selection you can gank ventures in an Atron.


Can they not fight each other?


get into you frigate and have frigate fights with people


In fairness to the OP, the new player experience does leave new players with the impression that Eve is about mission running and mining.


The skill for kills event was introduced not long time ago. So not sure why you are complaning. Most of eve players didn’t use this event when they started and see, everything is OK with them.


/me Shakes Stick

The skill spree is a relatively new thing, it’s a gift not an entitlement. If you don’t want to PvP then don’t.


New players can pvp just fine, they’re going to lose a lot but so do older players all day every day. If you don’t want to do it that’s also fine, no one is forcing you.

It’s not like “free SP” is some sort of inalienable right.


well at the risk of sounding like a DB…Eve has never been new player friendly. You have to pay your dues regardless of pvp skilling spree or not. Just remember if you’re in hisec, for every ship you lose the gankers lose a ship too. It’s just more fun for them.


that’s all very well saying don’t if you don’t want to play pvp
but you may not be left with any choice if you come out of a station someone else may want to pvp and then if you have weak stats your dead and if your a new player you may not have enough isk to rebuild

What? Are you talking about the “kill 5 enemies to earn 10,000 SP” stuff? If that’s what you are talking about, it does not have to be players - you can kill NPC rats and you get the SPs too … or am I missing anything here?

No not that, but the pvp spree starting on the 12March

he’s talking about the upcoming event. we will have to kill players to earn skill points.

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For this to be a reality, the new player stations wouldhave to be perma-camped.

There are many reasons why this will not happen.

Its not as bad as you think. If you need some help to get started properly in Eve contact me ingame.

Alright. So it’s gonna be same thing as bounties. You can get one of your corp mates or alts to kill you and you reap the bount… erm i mean skill points.


Make alts and kill’em. Thats EVE way )

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Make friends, kill each other, free sp.

That’s what a PVP sandbox means. If you don’t like that (which is fine btw) then EVE is not for you (which is also fine btw). The thing is that almost all new players go through this phase, mostly because they’re simply not used to a brutal game like EVE or didn’t do their research before they started playing.

When I started in 2005 our corp got wardecced to hell and back, even pushing me and my caracal into low sec to belt rat. Where I then had to deal with low sec pirates. I simply quit playing because the active wardec, because I didn’t understand what the game was really about.

Two months later, being back in my old MMO bored as hell, I started to think back about EVE and realized how interesting the game is and how the risk and competitiveness keeps it from being boring. So I chose to come back but THIS time I did put in effort to learn about the game a bit and was prepared for it (not that I magically turned in to a good player, obviously).

Either quit because you don’t like competitive PVP sandboxes OR accept, adapt and overcome. Both options are equally viable.


Ok, you’re new, I get it. The lesson for today is to understand that Eve is a PvP game from the ground up even tho there are activities which are not PvP.

Without PvP there would be no risks and Eve would be just another dumb game. If you are worried about losing your ship just take precautions as you would normally, you’ll be fine.