Yet Another Skilling Spree

Seriously, CCP should just rename these to “We’re tired and we can’t think of anything New” events.

Even the Alphas I know are getting bored of this.


Getting bored of what? The event was 6 months ago!


The same event with a different name was 3 weeks ago.


Who would ever have imagined that we’d get to the point where people would complain about free SP?


Its not really complaining about the SP, its complaining about the ZERO effort shown by CCP.


Some people are just never happy. I am. I like free stuff. It makes me happy.

Really looking forward to the game that you develop and release though. Bet it’s going to be amazing!


Not a complaint, per se. After all, free stuff is better than no stuff. It’s just that Skilling Spree was originally an ‘experiment’ some years back, that CCP apparently felt wasn’t much of a thing.

Since they decided to stop doing actual events, and brought Skilling Spree back, Spree and Bonus Skill weekends will have been running on nearly two thirds of all the days since they resurrected it.

Skilling Spree 24 July - August 21, Oct.1 - Nov.21, Dec.21 - Jan.7, Jan. 28 - Mar.2
Bonus Skill Weekend Aug.23-26, Jan 24-27

(These dates are taken from a quick look at my calendar and aren’t meant to be exact)

Basically this just shows that CCP has given up on doing much that is creative in the game, and is simply going to be flipping toggles and tweaking database numbers for future content.

Compare this to previous years event schedules:

2016: The Hunt - Shadow of the Serpent - Purity of the Throne - Crimson Harvest - Yoiul Festival
2017: Guardian’s Gala - Rogue Swarm Alert - Warzone Extraction - Crimson Harvest - Yoiul Festival
2018: Guardian’s Gala - The Hunt - Conscious Interruption - Federation Grand Prix - Dawn of Liberation - Secrets of the Abyss - Rogue Swarm Alert - Crimson Harvest - 13 Days of EVE - Operation Permafrost (Fail event)
2019: Guardian’s Gala (Fail event) followed by endless rounds of Log-In 4 Skillz (low energy event)

The difference is a bit too much to ignore. I mean, did they even run a Capsuleer Day in 2019?

I’m fine with free stuff. I’d be even more fine with it if CCP was showing an ounce of effort for the past year or so.


The problem I have with this event is it encourages the merry go round mentality: kill 3 get reward.

Plus since it is per char, by the time someone logs in all their alts and kills 3 worthless NPCs they have less time to actually play the game.

Login char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind
Login next char, grind


You mean that people actually do the event? That sounds horrible.


Must be doing something wrong as sp are not going anywhere when told to drag icon to character sheet nor has any skill points added to bottom of skill sheet. ???

Could try claiming the Skill reward on log-in screen, then entering the character you want SP on, open Redeem Items (Alt-Y), make sure the check-box for just the rewards you want on that character are checked, click Redeem Selected Items.

Must be in station.

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@Kezrai_Charzai @Chan_aar

First of all, I love skilling spree. Of course I have a bunch of characters, but I calculated for the last one that I was making 700mil isk/hr in unallocated SP (based on the cost to inject, and not value to extract). Moreover, many of my toons are mapped for Perception and Willpower, or Intelligence and Memory, so the unallocated SP helps me to polish stuff that I’m not currently mapped for.

Second, they have been working on other stuff as well, or have you not been keeping up with the patch notes, team talos, and/or everything else players have been complaining about. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, BUT WASN’T THERE ANOTHER LIVE EVENT CALLED DRAGONAUR BLITZ RUNNING AT THE TIME YOU MADE YOUR POST? Seriously, how can you point to one low effort thing CCP did, and be like, “look at how little effort CCP puts in.”

Third, CCP doesn’t have infinite resources. So, they try to work on things that provide the most benefit, for the most amount of players, for the least amount of time. Sometimes, that means working on big stuff that affects a lot of players, but sometimes that means doing small stuff that makes fewer players happy simply because of how easy it is to do.

Yes, proper live events went MIA for a while :frowning:, and I do think they made some big mistakes this year, but the last thing I thought anyone would accuse them of was minimum effort. In fact, here’s what I remember off the top of my head:

I swear to god, I sometimes feel like players are looking for things to get angry about.


Rolling Stones, can’t get no satisfaction - the human condition.

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I really think sp events are fine. Better yet they should make everything below BC ships a single skill not faction specific beyond a small bonus so new players can have better options faster.

Getting into ships shouldnt be the issue for smaller and some medium ships.

At that level player skill and knowledge should be the limiting factor not time subbed.

In fine with frequent sp events. Personally it didnt put a dent in my 400 day plus queue, and new players appreciated opening playstyle doors a bit faster,

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What is so freaking bad about free and easy to archive stuff?

Should be way easier…Expand the log-in weekend into a log-in month and give a MINIMUM of 100k per day with a high of 5 million at day 30…would not hurt anyone expect the forever yesterday people that see 2004 as ‘the last time eve was great’…we have 2020 people…close up to the normal people and stop living in the past…

Free stuff,easy to archive is good…

Quote where I said free stuff was bad?

Because it makes the reward have no value. Free SP is exciting when it’s an extremely rare event. It’s boring when it’s a regular thing. It completely devalues the normal process of character advancement when it happens too often. If you’re going to throw tons of SP at everyone why even have skills in the first place? Just put the all-V modifiers into the base item and remove the skill system entirely.

Also, being easy to achieve devalues the reward even more. If you got SP as a reward for, say, destroying a ship of at least 500 million ISK value in a 1v1 PvP engagement then that SP would come with a major sense of achievement. When you get a ton of SP just for logging in for 30 seconds it doesn’t feel like a reward at all. It’s just an annoying thing you have to do to make sure you don’t lose the valuable item.


No, you don’t.

You don’t “have to” so either do it or don’t. Simple.

No you can’t. At best it is like 11 minutes to do a full load in a Venture and if it is “trash ore” then you are looking at something like 550k and even Veldspar would be around 770k per load so no, you couldn’t. Stop exaggerating.

As you type that you are once again displaying your stupidity as it is “the first 15 times you log in” not “15 consecutive days without a break” and it is also adding to the bar at the bottom of that window where the SPs are accumulated each time you do log in - you actually get a buttload of SPs with that as well as “the scrap tiny isk”.
Additionally, you are bitching about the “tiny scrap isk” for your “many new alts” and to you it may well be how you view it for your “many new alts” but to a new player it is not. And that is what this is - something aimed at NEW players not fkn entitled sh1tbags like you.

As a final point…

Please do feel free to call up my char info ingame, right click on me and select “give money” then send me all that worthless isk as you obviously don’t want or need it and having it is just making you keep worthless scrap isk that has no value.

I think making skill points one of the potential rewards from storyline missions would be neat.


Lol, wut?

100K is roughly two days of progression for an Omega clone.

So you’re asking for a “MINIMUM” of two additionnals days of progress everyday, up to 5 millions that is more than three months of progress instantly?

I mean at this point, just directly ask for the removal of the SP system.

While I agree with the basic idea, if it is so easy to achieve, profitable and so frequent that actually playing the game normally become pointless, this is just ridiculous and can literally kill your game.

Not to mention that a log-in reward that would be SO profitable would FORCE the playerbase to never spend a day without loging-in, because this would be significant enough to be noticeably left behind if you miss some rewards.

And if all of this isn’t enough, remember that constantly asking them for “free and easy to achieve” stuff also reduce the chance of having other events that are less “free and easy” but actually provide some interesting gameplay, which are necessary if you don’t want your game to end-up being atrociously boring.

Nah, dude, calm down.