Skilling Spree ?!

Hey guys …

What day did the current “Skilling Spree” started ???

I didn’t see any news about the event !!!

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Because they don’t want you to know about their own event so that you instead spend money on injectors. When they have a new skin pack to sell, expect to get multiple e-mails, though.

(only being semi-sarcastic here)


Answer: it started yesterday.

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fun fact , faction warfare complex npcs are good for the event
so fw pilots just ohhhhhh i have unused skill points :smiley:
noice …

Fun fact, you can complete the challenges by doing the tutorial missions! Activate the mission, warp to the deadspace pocket and terminate the mission before killing the rats.

You can do this in any corvette too!

Fun fact random sites in highsec can be done as well

you two are showing ignorance
you don’t do random sites in highest every day
you don’t go in the tutorial mission every day
its part of the routine of a fw pilot to plex
is the base of his gameplay

How is the event supposed to work ?

Challenge 1 - Kill 1 NPC (2,500sp)
Completed - Next challenge in 16hrs

Challenge 1 kill 5 NPC (10,000sp)
Challenge complete - Next Challenge in 24hrs

This afternoon (DT Reset)
Challenge - Kill 1 NPC (2,500sp)
Challenge Complete

Is this the entire event ? Seems kinda …

I don’t think it is gonna keep growing until it asks you to kill 1000 npcs for a billion sp.

Would be nice though.


It was a lazy event when they first tried it a few years ago and got rid of it, and it still is now. I have no idea why they keep trotting it out.

I guess it slightly increases some metric someone in management likes as they keep going back to it, but you’d think a self-respecting game designer would actually be ashamed to be associated with such a low effort gimmick not tied into the lore or your core gameplay. I mean, if you want to reward people playing regularly, your login rewards and special campaigns do that just fine CCP and don’t pretend to be an “event”.


It launched as part of the Combat Command update on Tuesday but was not mentioned in the patch notes. It did show up in hoboleaks a couple of weeks ago.

I think CCP is trying to determine the minimum number of skillpoints required to get people to login and shoot something! That said, I think an event that requires you to login, undock and shoot something makes a lot more sense than the current “evergreen” event that can be completed from the character select screen!

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there is levels of difficulty
get people to
-1) login - medium
-2)undock - hard
-3)shoot something-impossibruuuuuuuuuu


I keep getting the same 1 npc - 2.500 Sp for a couple of days now. Is it capped due to SP in Char?

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You think I’m gonna go and risk my Wreathe to shoot an unknown or known NPC without weapon for 2,500 XP Skill Points?
mmh, nice try.

Let me try with my other ship.

If it works the way I remember, it isn’t wholly random - there is a ‘pool’ of total event options that is being displayed in random order, but each character in total gets the same potential SP if all days of the event are completed. For example, a 4 day event might have 2,500 | 2,500 | 5,000 | 10,000 for a total of 20,000 SP in 4 days, but the order they appear on each character will vary.

Let me trade your 2,500 SP into 10 billion ISK.
Thank you.

Gimmie them skill points!!!

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