Viridian Dailies

Just a friendly FYI for CCP:
I like the new Daily tasks, but they make me play significantly less.


  • I don’t like Abyssal sites, cause I sometimes get disconnected from the game.
    The number of Skill Points offered is too low for me to consider running Abyssal sites (they also require me to switch to a cheap Jump Clone, so I lose a little Skill training speed - not much, but it enhances the feeling I get it’s just not worth the hassle, to me personally).

The Skilling in the Abyss dailies from a few months ago did lure me in, cause I got offered 40,000 Skill Points to kill some drones.
But even then, it became a chore for me, as the reward was often lower, and I needed to run several Abyssal sites.
I was relieved when the old Skilling Spree dailies returned (at the end of the anniversary event).

  • I appreciate the opportunity to earn EverMarks, but don’t have an urgent need for those ATM.

  • the old Skilling Spree dailies were my cue to work standings on 6 characters.
    So, those dailies kept me busy for most of the day, every day.
    The new dailies don’t, leaving me time to play other games - I don’t suspect that was what CCP was aiming at :wink:

For the record, I do appreciate the new variety, and the addition of mining tasks.
Overall, I find the new system to be fun.

I’m curious to hear other players’ opinions (I suspect most are even more pleased with the new system).

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I assumed these current dailies are ongoing until the 20th, some lame attempt to promote Evermarks. They do not make any sense as a permanent daily fixture.


You may very well be right (why didn’t I think of that?).

It would be nice to know if the new Dailies are here to stay, CCP.

The EM dailies should stay, since it’s the only feasible way for corps to earn enough EverMarks for structure SKINs

The bigger issue with the dailies is the lack of real variety, and the inability to re-roll challenges, a feature most games have nowadays.

(Before anyone cries abuse, there are easy solutions to prevent it: 1) Allow only 1 or 2 re-rolls. 2) Guarantee (slightly) lesser rewards if you re-roll)

Or have multiple options, but once one is complete the others go away. The issue I have is Evermarks are completely useless to me. Abyssal is a nonstarter. Instead of potentially excluding large swaths of people any given day just have Mining (SP), Kill NPC (SP) and Abyssal (Evermarks), but you only get credit for the one you do first.

Or allow for toggling between Evermarks or SP instead of hard coding in reward types to activities.


This right here 100%…

Also include choice between regular NPC’s and Abyssal NPC’s…

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Ugh, these Abyssal Only dailies are still here. Getting worried.

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The EverMarks are also useless to me, and it’s infuriating cause 75% of the time all three dailies are EverMarks… I Hate it please let me do something for SKILL POINTS.


And add the option for toggling between “reward” or “refund” (in case you don’t like any of the rewards or missions, just get your omega-time back for that day).


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I hate that ■■■■ (Abyssal having to kill specific entities). Period. (I already explained why in multiple posts in the past, not gonna repeat (the “why”) here as CCP don’t give a F*** anyway.
That is even worst now with EverMark, totally useless

I guess CCP will tune it down when their masters in null blocks will tell them they’ve got enough…


The solution to this is to be able to sell Evermarks for ISK instead of only having one use for them

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