Daily Challenges

I get we have 3 daily challenges – but I seem to get more abyssal challenges than any of the other options. sometimes It seems like I get more abyssal challenges than I do other challenges.

I would like to see more or some more creative daily challenges:
Some ideas for new challenges may include:

  1. Complete data/relic site
  2. Discover / Enter Wormhole Space
  3. Complete a Combat Site

Just anything NOT Abyssal related or atleast reduce the Abyssal related challenges a character gets.

Sure some of you live to run abyssals, thats great, I could donate 10-15 daily abyssal challenges to you each week If that was a thing.

CSM: I would like to get less Abyssal challenges.

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For the last 5 straight consecutive days, all my dailies have been for Evermarks, rather than SP.

Am not doin em.

duplicate of Daily challenge variations


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Hmm is 16 days a necro? Is there anyone playing now that doesn’t have more Evermarks than they will ever need? Why are we forced to do abyssals to get most of the skill point rewards? No skill points for manufacturing, pvp kills, salvaging, market sales, exploration, missions, PI… about half of the rewards are for the abyssal niche. Could we have a mechanism to convert Evermarks to something else?

fanfest streams stated “keep saving those evermarks we will be adding stuff to spend them on”, my guess, custom skin fragments (patterns, shapes, colors) will require evermarks to unlock, alongside the stated one-time plex cost to permanently license the completed skin

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