More daily challenges

  1. Complete a mission
  2. Inject a new skill
  3. Complete a complex
  4. Earn x amount of bounties
  5. Re-customize your character
  6. Level up a skill
  7. Use a booster
  8. Raise a faction standing
  9. Enter a wormhole
  10. Warp 100 AU in one warp
  11. Spend some LP
  12. Visit Amarr
  13. Reach a speed of 3000 m/s without entering warp
  14. Manufacture an item

To top it all off if you complete all 3 random daily challenges you get a plex?


Launch a firework while suspect flagged.
Save 3 bookmarks.
Overheat a module until it burns out.
Repair a damaged module in space.
Visit the monument in Saisio.
Enter warp within 1 second of losing your station undock cloak.
Scan an Abyssal Trace to 100%.
Receive damage from faction police.
Gain security standing.
Lose security standing.
Have 2 fleetmates within 50km of you during a warp.
Mine 500 m3 of ore in a ship with no mining bonuses.
Kill a player or NPC while you have both AB and MWD fit.
Self-destruct a ship.
Apply a skin license from a station where you are not docked.
Split a stack in a station where you are not docked.
Salvage a yellow wreck.
Loot a yellow wreck.
Join a player-created chat channel.
Create a courier contract.

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A reasonable suggestion from West? What is this sorcery?

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I’m not sure it’s that reasonable. The daily challenge is one of the only ways alphas can get sp beyond 5mil. The recent changes have cluttered that up quite a bit. If more useless challenges are added, it’ll basically make the rewards useless.

(People aren’t going to run halfway across empire space to visit Amarr or do some other equally time consuming activity.)

I like these, would be fit for an “achievement” like steam. Does EVE has achievements when it is on Steam?

According to the feature list no:

This one has Steam Achievements listed for example:

The reward can be changed to SP, sure, but the tasks to get them would be better than what’s currently required, which is content to Poochven for me for the last week.

Well injectors as well

The NPE ‘Opportunities’ is sorta like that…

Spend an hour inside the Pleasure Palace!

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With Aiko’s frozen corpse I assume? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: To gank or not to gank, that is the question. :skull:


I’d like to see a lot less abyss-related dailies. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


No, I don’t wish to gank with that pilot ever again.

It is over, finished.

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Abyss-related daily challenges completely suck. You can end up doing hours of filaments with the wrong enemy type and gain 0 towards your target. If you want folks to stop daily challenges, just eliminate them altogether.
What a stupid stupid idea to do them as they are now.

Yeah I can’t stand seeing those on my daily log in

This one is eZ: Go to Thera.

I don’t even bother to log in past the daily log in bonus on most of my characters due to the change in challenge variation. It’s not really worth my time to even check them when 90% of them are useless to me.

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@Iceacid_Frostpacker this is all your fault!

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